Genealogy Secrets: A Guide to Successful Research Strategies

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 148 pages
Author: H. Hansen, A. Eakle & J. Tanner
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781542773751
Other: b&w photos, maps
Publisher: Family History Expos

This research guide is designed to help you learn strategies used by successful genealogists. You will be introduced to research principles, procedures and sources used by expert researchers. Revealed within these pages is information on the basic sources used by professionals, technology helps, and little-known strategies that make a big difference. 

Success in identifying your ancestors comes when proven paths are followed. Let these experts lead you to the answers for your research questions.

Please note: this is a US published book and the examples are US orientated, but as the greater portion of the book is very general and relates to strategies rather than records, there's a lot of useful information for all readers.

Contributing Professionals
Research Principles, Procedures and Sources Used by Experts
 - Principles
 - Ready, Set, G.O. (Get Organized)
 - Step-by-Step Search Procedure for Research Success
 - When All Else Fails, Try This!
 - Set Up Your Investigation Using Tools for Success
 - Set for Downloading and Importing Images into Heritage Collector
  - Firefox
 - Chrome
 - Microsoft Internet Explorer
 - Microsoft Edge
 - Importing into Heritage Collector
 - Collaborate with Other Researchers
 - Strategies for Successful Research
 The Basic Sources
 - Record Destruction
 - Getting Started with In-depth Research
 - Marriage Records
 - Census Records
 - Probate Files and Other Court Records
 - Land and Tax Records
 - Vital Records
 - Cemetery Inscriptions and Sexton's Records
How Experts Use Smart Technology to Jump-Start Their Research
 - Digitizing Our Paper Records
 - Automated Record Hints
 - Synchronizing Files Between Applications
 - Online Document Storage and Organization Programs: The Introduction
 - Online Document Storage and Organization Programs: Continued
 - Source Citation Programs that Automatically Format Your Citations and Create Bibliographies
 - News Aggregator Programs that Keep You Informed of Posts to Blogs and Other Websites
 - Using Billions of Digitized Source Documents in Thousands of Archive Websites: Part One
 - Using Billions of Digitized Source Documents in Thousands of Archive Websites: Part Two
 - Using Billions of Digitized Source Documents in Thousands of Archive Websites: Part Three
 - Comprehensive Mapping and Gazetteer Programs that Open Window into Historical Locations
 - A Multitude of Devices from Digital Camera to Smartphones
Why Genealogy Experts Search the Marriage Records First
 - Why Marriage Records are Important Enough to Search First
 - Marriage Types and the Unique Records They Create
 - You Control Your Own Research Project
 - Do you Research in Instant reject Mode?
 - Do the Facts Speak for Themselves?
 - Surnames and Your Genealogy
 - Searching for Marriage Records
 - A Powerful Search Strategy: Journals, Quarterlies, Newsletters, Bulletins, Magazines and Series
 - Case Study: The Delayed Birth Certificate - the Final Document in the Book!
 - Select Bibliography of Marriage and Divorce Sources?
PERSI and its 8000 Periodicals
 - What is PERSI?
 - Why Use Periodicals?
 - How to Access and Search PERSI
 - Starting a Search
 - Filters to "Narrow your search results"
 - View the Article or Order a Hard Copy
Experts See More in the Census
 - The Strengths of U.S. Federal Census Records
 - The Weaknesses of U.S. Federal Census Records
 - Constitutional Relations
Experts Increase Research Success by Performing an Interim Analysis
 - Compiling a Genealogy is an Art
 - Interim Analysis
 - Case Study: John Tucker and his Origins
 - Land Companies
 - Other Early Records
 - Your Genealogy Proof Awaits You in these Core Research Records
Simple Source Citations



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Genealogy Secrets: A Guide to Successful Research Strategies


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