Gallipoli: The Final Battles and Evacuation of Anzac

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 368 pages
Author: D. Cameron
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780980814095
Other: b&w photos, maps, glossary, bibliog, index
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

In early August with the failure of the August Offensive at Gallipoli the senior commanders still believed that victory was possible. To help prepare for a new offensive sometime in the first half on 1916 the allied forces attempted to straighten out the line connecting Suvla and Anzac at a small hillock called Hill 60. This tactically meaningless piece of Gallipoli real estate would cost the lives of thousands of men from both sides over a two week period. Many, with justification would argue that the fighting at Hill 60 was even worse than the fighting at Lone Pine of just a few weeks before. The end result was a huge casualty list for gaining a few hundred metres of ground. With this the Gallipoli Campaign ground to a halt and the unspeakable was being spoken – evacuation was in the air.

Gallipoli: The Final Battles and Evacuation at Anzac is the first book since Charles Bean’s Official History to provide a detailed narrative of the bloody and tragic battle for Hill 60,along with the other engagements that went on until the very last days at Anzac – viewed from both sides of the trenches. It is also the first since Bean, to examine in detail the planning and execution of the evacuation of the troops from Anzac – the most successful part of the whole Gallipoli fiasco. As in his previous books Cameron’s detailed research and use of firsthand accounts including letters, diaries, and interviews, enables him to convey the confusion of battle while also.


Part 1. The battles of late August
1. 'Great big cheery fellows, whom it did your heart good to see'
2. 'It was a nasty a sight as I ever want to see'
3. 'Here and there a man murmured a prayer'
4. 'If I had not stopped this some other poor beggar would'
5. 'The whole place is strewn with bodies ...
6. '... give my best love to all the girls down at the Palace'
7. 'We lay there with our bayonets fixed'
8. 'We'll just see if he's here'
9. 'Who said retire?

Part 2. Stalmate
10. 'Dear Mr. Fisher ...'
11. 'He would not let me go in'
12. 'Did I ever tell you about Ernest ... ?
13. 'What the hell do you take me for a bloody canary?'
14. 'Halt, hands up, State your business'
15. 'I am honestly very sorry to see Hamilton go'
16. 'He came, he saw, he capitulated!'
17. 'If you don't want to share the glory ...'
18. 'I view with deepest regret the abandonment of Sulva and Anzac

Part 3. Evacuation
19. 'making a socialist of me'
20. 'Snow looks beautiful on the leaves, don't it'
21. 'The silent stunt'
22. '... the lighter came and went in a very neat way
23. 'Why can't we have a b____ go at them?'
24. 'Oh! Butter, though art the the essence of joy'
25. 'The die hards'
26. 'The only hope would have lain in the firing of one or more mines'
27. 'Was it necessary to kill these?'

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Gallipoli: The Final Battles and Evacuation of Anzac


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