From Settlement to City: A History of the District of Tea Tree Gully 1836-1976

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 384 pages
Author: I. Auhl
Year: 1976
ISBN: 9869462563
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Lynton Publications

The name Teatree Gully, origially given to a steep gully entering the north-east face of the Adelaide Hills where the native 'tea-tree' grew abundantly, was laer applied to the little township of Steventon which began to develop at the entrance to the gully in 1854.

The name was subsequently given to the local range of hills and the to the surrounding distric. In 1858 the name was applied for the first time to the local government area of some thirty-four square miles and in 1935, to the amalgamations of two district council area - a district of nearly fifty square miles.

In February of 1968, the District of Tea Tree Gullywas officially proclaimed as the City of Tea Tree Gully.

Within the previous ten years much of the rural area, with its orchards, vineyards, hay-paddocks and dairy farms set on the rising slopes and supporting a population of less than 3000 people had been invaded by an expanding suburbia.

The population increased dramatically to some 27,000 and was headed towards its present 60,000. The old townships of Hope Valley, Modbury and Tea Tree Gully had began to lose their identity and to become submerged int he proliferation of residential subdivision.

In this history on the district of Tea Tree Gully, the author has traced the main outlines of the occupation and settlement of the district and the growth of the seven early villages and townships - Houghton, Hope Valley, Highbury, Trea Tree Gully, Modbury, Golden Grove and Inglewood. He has included the story of local government in the eara since its beginnings in 1853, and has added a brief summary of the growth of the City of Tea Tree Gully.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is secondhand, but is in reasonable condition. The cover has been covered in plastic, and there is a coffee splootch that has gone through the first couple of couple of pages. Apart from that there are no other marks, or torn pages at all. 

List of Maps

Section 1. Occupation and Settlement
1. Occupation 1836-1838
2. Special Survey 1839
3. Paracombe 
4. Hermitage 1839-1853
5. Voyage Out
6. Houghton
7. Highercombe and Glen Ewin
8. Early Roads 1839-1849
9. The Central and District Road Boards 1849-1854
10. The Torrens Valley
11. Hope Valley and Highbury
12. Ardtornish and Beefacres
13. Upper Dry Creek and Golden Grove
14. Teatree Gully
15. Aboriginal Contacts
16. A Political Interlude
17. Copper and Gold

Section 2. The Century After
18. Towards Local Government
19. Local Government: District of Highercombe 1853-1858
20. Local Government: District of Tea Tree Gully 1858-1935
21. Local Government: District of Highercombe 1858-1935
22. Local Government: District of Tea Tree Gully 1935-1953
23. Steventon and Inglewood
24. Modbury
25. Bridges, Cuttings and Roads
26. Schools
27. Chapels and Churches
28. Royal Mail
29. Stone and Clay
30. Agriculture
31. Horticulture
32. Vineyards, Vignerons and Vintners
33. Wells, Waterworks and Reservoirs
34. Events and Occasions

Section 3. City of Tea Tree Gully
35. Subdivision an Closer Settlement
36. City
Individual Acknowledgements


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From Settlement to City: A History of the District of Tea Tree Gully 1836-1976


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