French Lives in Australia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 474 pages
Author: E. Berti & I. Barko
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781925333039
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing

For a long time the French presence in Australia remained understated, yet French nationals were present from the very beginning of the colonial period. Their contribution to the European discovery of the country and to its economic, cultural and social development was significant.

Listing both men and womern, there are explorers, pioneers and diplomats, pastoralists and artists, and numerous others as well, this book is a collection of essays which tell the stories of twenty-four leading French figures in Australia who contributed to the rapprochement between the two countries.


Part 1. The Explorers
 - Pere Receveur (1757-1788), Chaplain of the Laperouse Expedition and Naturalist
 - Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere (1755-1834), Explorer and Botanist
 - Nicolas Baudin (1754-1803), from Seafarer to Philosophical Voyager

Part 2. The First French Pioneers
 - Francis Barrallier (1773-1853), Cartographer and Engineer
 - Francis-Nicolas Rossi (1776-1851), Sydney's Corsican Superintendent of Police
 - Joseph Bernard Reymond (1834-1918), Farmer, Vigneron and Politician

Part 3. The Days of the Founders
 - Didier Numa Joubert (1816-1881), the Pioneer of French Interests in Hunters Hill
 - Goerges Plauoust (1855-1918), Businessman and Patriot
 - Berthe Mouchette (1846-1928), Artist and Founder of the First Alliance Francaise in Australia, and Marie Lion (1855-1922), Artist and Writer
 - Charles Phalempin (1844-1918), Founder of the Comptoir National d'Escompte in Australia

Part 4. French Diplomats in Australia
 - Compte Lionel de Chabrillan (1815-1858), Aristocrat and First Consul of France in Melbourne
 - Francis de Castelnau (?-1880), 'That Accomplished Traveller': Scientist and Diplomat
 - Georges Biard d'Aunet (1844-1935), Naval Officer and Diplomat, Consul General of France in Sydney

Part 5.  French Artists in Australia
 - Celeste de Chabrillan (1824-1909), Courtesan, Consul's Wife and Chronicler of Gold-Rush Australia
 - Antonie Julian Fauchery (1823-1861), Miner, Writer and Photographer
 - Leon Caron (1850-1905), Conductor, Composer and Violinist
 - Paul Wenz (1869-1939), French-Australian Writer and Grazier

Part 6. The Two Wars: Allies Forever
 - Jacques Playoust (1883-1947), Poilou and Pillar of the Sydney French Community
 - Augustine Soubeiran (1858-1933), Innovative Educator and Dynamic Secretary of the French-Australian League of Help
 - Charlotte Crivellu (1868-1956), Patriot ans Fund-raiser
 - Andre Brenac (1902-1999), Leader of the de Gaulle's Free French in Australia

Part 7. Other Uncommon Lives
 - Narcisse Pelletier (1844-1894), the Castaway and the Savants
 - Maurice Guillaux (1883-1917), Aviation Pioneer
 - Pierre Roussel (1931-1990), French-Australian BiNational, Founding Father of the Laperouse Museum

Appendix: French Diplomatic Representation in Australia
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French Lives in Australia


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