Flynn of the Inland

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 208 pages
Author: I. Idreiss
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781925706901
Other: b&w photos, map, 52nd ed.
Publisher: ETT Imprint

Everyone has heard of the Flying Doctor Service, but few know the name of the person who started it all along with other services such as the bush hospitals, to help those in Australia's outback.

This is the extraordinary story of John Flynn - famous pioneer of the Australian Inland Mission - and his struggle to ease the isolation of the people of the Australian outback. Flynn's dreams for the sparsely populated Australian interior were first formed as he rode on a camel through it. By the end of his life he had seen the development of transport and communication systems, the building of Bush Hospitals and the establishment of the Flying Doctor Services.

Author, Ion (Jack) Idriess (1889-1979) was one of Australia's best-loved writers, and 'Flynn of the Inland' which was first published in 1932 has become a true classic having been through 52 editions in the 80+ years since.

The Morning Post in London wrote: 'It is impossible to read this book and remain untouched by the greatness of John Flynn's inspiration.'

Author's Note
1. The Camel-Man
2. Riders of the Plains
3. Maps in the Sand
4. The Gibber Pains
5. Grains of Sand
6. Thought that Work
7. The Board
8. The 'Black Camel'
9. Fever
10. The Call of the Kimberleys
11. The Wild Nor' West
12. The Dead Hand
13. The Patrol Rider
14. Lands of the Sun
15. The Way of a Doc with a Man
16. The Dreamer Reaps
17. Thoughts that Build
18. The 'Boundary Rider'
19. The Battling of Many Men
20. The Love That Never Dies
21. Wireless!
22. Distant Places
23. Gathering Data to Fly With
24. The Flying Doctor
25. The Breaker-In of Souls
26. The Baby Transmitter in Action
27. The 'Voice of the Bush'
28. Carry On


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Flynn of the Inland

MSRP: $24.95
You save $7.45

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