Finding Your Scandinavian Ancestors

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 188 pages
Author: P. Christensen
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9781894018111
Other: 3rd ed., map, addresses, index
Publisher: Heritage Productions

English-speakers with a Scandinavian heritage are often intimidated from researching their ancestry by the perceived language barrier, or by confusion over the patronymic naming system. It's actually much easier than you think to find your ancestors in Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

This book shows you how Scandinavian ancestors are some of the easiest to find because they left detailed records which have been well preserved and are easily available at Family History Centres. This book guides you to your ancestors in Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Each 'Country chapter section' gives firstly a brief history of the country, then details of languages used in that region, recommended strategy for researching in each particular Scandinavian country, a list of counties within each county, parish registers, probate records, censuses, military records, important sources and more.

Map of Scandinavia
Naming Practices
- Patronymic IGI
- Julian and Gregorian Calendars
- Feast Days
Major Sources
- Scandinavian Genealogy on the Internet
- General Comments on Land Divisions
- General Comments of Parish Registers
- General References for Scandinavia
Denmark Including Faeroes, Greenland and the Danish West Indies
- Languages Used in Danish Records
- Danish Given Names
- Danish Geography and Place Names
- Recommended Strategy for Successful Danish Research
- Danish Parish Registers
- Danish Civil Registration
- Danish Censuses
- Danish Probates
- Danish Military and Navy Levying Rolls
- Other Danish Sources
- General References for Danish Genealogy
- Danish Archives and Genealogy Societies
- Lanuages Used in Finnish Records
- Finnish Surnames
- Finnish Given Names
- Finnish Geography and Place Names
- Recommended Strategy for Successful Finnish Research
- Finnish Communion Books and Preconfirmations
- Finnish Parish Registers
- Finnish Civil Registration
- Finnish Certificates of Departure
- Finnish Censuses
- Finnish Probates
- General References for Finnish Genealogy
- Finnish Archives and Genealogy Societies
- Languages Used in Icelandic Records
- Icelandic Personal Names
- Icelandic Geography and Place Names
- Recommended Strategy for Successful Icelandic Research
- Icelandic Parish Registers
- Icelandic Civil Registration
- Icelandic Censuses
- Icelandic Probates
- Other Icelandic Sources
- General References for Icelandic Genealogy
- Icelandic Archives and Genealogy Societies
- Languages Used in Norwegian Records
- Norwegian Surnames
- Norwegian Given Names
- Norwegian Geography and Place Names
- Recommended Strategy for Successful Norwegian Research
- Norwegian Parish Registers
- Norwegian Civil Registration
- NorwegianFarm and Family History Books
- Norwegian Censuses
- Norwegian Probates
- Norwegian Military Records
- Other Norwegian Sources
- General References for Norwegian Genealogy
- Norwegian Archives and Genealogy Societies
- Languages Used in Swedish Records
- Swedish Personal Names
- Swedish Given Names
- Swedish Geography and Place Names
- Recommended Strategy for Successful Swedish Research
- Swedish Clerical Surveys
- Swedish Parish Registers
- Swedish Church Record Extracts
- Swedish Civil Registration
- Swedish Certificates of Departure or Exit Permits
- Swedish Censuses
- Swedish Probates
- Swedish Military Records
- Other Swedish Sources
- General References for Swedish Genealogy
- Swedish Archives and Genealogy Societies
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Finding Your Scandinavian Ancestors


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