Finding your Dutch Ancestors

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 140 pages
Author: E. Perry & S. de Groot
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9781894018173
Other: 3rd ed., b&w photo, maps, glossary
Publisher: Heritage Productions

Many people left The Netherlands in the late 1940s and the 1950s, to find a new and better life for themselves and their families in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand to names a few. Their children and grandchildren have grown up speaking English, and many no longer (or never did) master the Dutch language. Yet in order to search for their Dutch ancestry, it is necessary to know at least a bit of this language. It is especially for this group of people that this book is written.

This book is 'not' a guide on how to research in general, as there are many others already written that cover that topic. This is more of a guide of what records are available [please note many examples are US related], and what kind of documents you might encounter on your research trip through the Dutch records.

Also included is a glossary with Dutch-English translation of various words you may come across, as well as background information, to help you put things in perspective.

This fully updated third edition, tells you that the most reliable records for The Netherlands, for each Province and for cities and town or villages, can be found at your local Family History Centre, and it goes on to advise you how best to access them.

Finding Your Dutch Ancestors
Historical Information
- The Land
- Jurisdictions
Naming Conventions
The Calendar
- Calendar Changes
Archives and Repositories
- National Archive
- Provincial Archives
- City or Municipal Archives
- Regional Archives
- City or Municipal Registry Offices
- Town or City Hall
- Church Archives
- Central Office for Genealogy
- National Library of the Netherlands
The Family History Library Catalogue
Dutch Records for Genealogical Research
- Census Records
- Populations Registers
- Family Cards
- Person Cards and Person Lists
- Citizen Books
- Name Adoption Registers
- Civil Registration
- Church Records
- Admission and Indemnity Registers
- Orphans' Chamber Records
- Military Records
- Guild Records
- Tax Rolls and Registers
- Emigration Records
- Land Registers
- Notary Records
- Court, Alderman and Sheriff's Records
Census Records
Population Records
- Population Registers
- Family Cards
- Person Cards
- Person Lists
Civil Registration
- Births
- Marriage Intentions
- Marriage
- Marriage Supplements
- Military Service
- Marriage Consents
- Divorce Records
- Deaths
- Indexes
Church Records
- Christenings
- Marriages
- Deaths
Research on the Internet
- Dutch Only Database Search Engines
- Searching the Internet
- General Genealogy Websites
- Genealogy Databases and Tools
- National Archives
Provincial Archives
- Drenthe
- Flevoland
- Friesland
- Gelderland
- Groningen
- Lim burg
- North Holland
- North Brabant
- Overijssel
- Utrecht
- Zeeland
- South Holland
Search Engines
Other Websites of Interest
The Language
- Glossary

2 Reviews
  • Forgot to say:

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2018

    The online links in this book needs to be reviewed! Basically the web address self is OK but the further details are mainly good e.g. is ok but is mostly wrong! I hope this is useful.

  • An cave of information

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2018

    Finding your Netherlands Ancestors gives a lot of useful information and is therefore very handy for your research in the Netherlands - even for someone as me whom has done already a lot of work with NL research. (I do not use the 'D' word for my country because it is an - English - insult, 16th century equivalent for kraut for German people.
    Country: The Netherlands, People: Netherlanders, Language: Netherlands; it could not be simpler!

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Finding your Dutch Ancestors


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