Family Tree Workbook: 30+ Step-by-Step Worksheets to Build Your Family HIstory

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 128 pages
Author: B. Sheffey
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781646116089
Other:  map, addresses, glossary, index
Publisher: Rockridge Press

Organizing your genealogical information is a snap with the Family Tree Workbook. This versatile workbook assists you in your research by providing a variety of forms, charts, and worksheets that help you categorize and track critical information. It also suggests ways to expand on the ancestral information you have already uncovered.

This book is part reference guide, part fill-in book, as there are a number of pages that allow you to fill in charts as you go. 

Featuring everything from pedigree charts and DNA trackers to marriage records and family lore sheets, this family tree workbook offers an expansive approach and unmatched versatility when it comes to recording your family's history.

The Family Tree Workbook includes:

  • Worksheet variety - Discover dozens of different ways to expand and explore your family tree, including forms that help with bookkeeping and managing your research.
  • Special documentation - This workbook is inclusive of all types of family histories thanks to specialty forms, migration maps, and blended family worksheets.
  • Treasured keepsake - Create a comprehensive history of your family that will make a wonderful and heartfelt heirloom for future generations.

No matter how your family tree has grown, this workbook will make it easy to trace your family's growth.

Please note: as this is a US published title, so you will find a number of the references relate to US records, but in saying that there are still quite a number of general ones, that is enough to be useful.

How to use this book

Part 1. Individual and Family-Specific Worksheets
1. Pedigree Chart
2. Ancestor Overview Worksheet
 - Part 1 - Paternal Pedigree
 - Part 2 - Maternal Pedigree
3. Family Address Worksheet
4. Family Group Worksheet
6. Blended Family Worksheet
7. Family Group Timeline
8. US Family Migration Map
9. World Family Migration Map

Part 2. Compiling Information
10. Marriage Records
11. Land Deed Index
12. Military History Checklist
13. Military Service Log
14. Family Medical History
15. Death Record Log Search
16. Cemetery Research Log
17. Oral History Interview
18. Oral History Tracker
19. Family Photo Log
20. Family Heirloom Log
21. DNA Tracker
 - Family DNA Test Summary
 - Cousin Chart
 - Family Relationships Chart
 - Family Relationships Chart
22. In the News: Newspaper Tracker
23. Free People of Color Court Registration Log
24. Sale of Enslaved People Deed Log
25. Enslavers' Estate Inventory: Dispersal of Enslaved People Log
26. Enslavers' Wills: Dispersal of Enslaved People Log
27. Eastern Cherokee Application: Family Sheet Log
28. Dawes Enrollment Cards Family Sheet Log

Part 3. Census Information
29. US Federal Census Questions at a Glance (1790-1940)
30. Individual Census Checklists
31. Passenger Arrival Records

Part 4, Managing Information
32. Research Checklist
33. Worksheet Index
34. Source Documentation

Part 5. Reaching Completion
35. 15 Things to do When you are Stumped
36. Future-Proofing Your Genealogy Research


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Family Tree Workbook: 30+ Step-by-Step Worksheets to Build Your Family HIstory

MSRP: $16.50
You save $2.00

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