Family Tree Factbook: Key Genealogy Tips and Stats for the Busy Researcher

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 224 pages
Author: D. Haddad & Family Tree Magazine
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781440354656
Other: tables, maps, appendixes
Publisher: Family Tree Books

The answers to all your genealogy questions in one place! This convenient, time saving collection of genealogy hacks gathers the best resources, tips, lists and need-to-know facts from the experts at 'Family Tree magazine' (US).

This handy guide contains fast facts about a huge range of family history topics. Here's a sample of the topics: genealogy records checklist, myths to avoid, source citation step-by-step, questions to ask your relatives, tips for requesting genealogy records, online digitised family histories, nicknames and variations for popular names, name translations, top genealogy websites, Google search hacks, keyboard shortcuts, genealogy mobile apps, tombstone symbolism, tips on how to photograph a tombstone, the different kinds of DNA tests, genetic genealogy myths, timeline of inventions, glossary of archaic diseases, historical photos and preservation tips, photo editing tools and so much more! 

Please note: as the book is published in the US the sections on census, military, immigration and geography do tend to relate to the US. But the greater part of the book is very generic and suitable for researchers anywhere.

1. Research Basics
 - Genealogy Glossary
 - Genealogy Acronyms
 - 20 Questions to Ask Your Relatives
 - Common Genealogical Errors
 - Major Genealogical Societies
 - 6 Genealogical Myths to Avoid
 - Old Handwriting Styles
 - How to Calculate Cousinhood
 - Genealogy Records Checklist
 - Source Citation Step-by-Step
 - Anatomy of a Source Citation
 - Citation Resources
 - Source Citation Examples
2. US State Research
 - US State Fast Facts
 - US State Archives
 - Most Popular US Cities Throughout Time
 - US States, 1959-2018
3. Libraries and Archives
 - 11 Key Genealogy Libraries and Archives
 - National Archives and Records Administration Regional Locations
 - 6 Tips for Requesting Genealogy Records
 - Sample Record Request Letter
 - Online Digitised Family Histories
4. Names
 - Types of Surnames
 - Cultural Naming Traditions
 - 15 Most Common US Surnames 1850-2010
 - Tips for Researching Common Surnames
 - Nicknames and Variations for Popular Names
 - Name Translations
5. Genealogy Websites
 - Top Genealogy Websites
 - Tips
 - Tips
 - Boolean Search Terms
 - Google Search Hacks
 - Google Quick Links
 - Account Information Worksheet
6. Computing
 - Keyboard Shortcuts
 - File Format Guide
 - Software Comparison Worksheet
 - Genealogy Mobile Apps
7. Census
 - Most Common Ancestries in the United States, 2016
 - Historical US Population in Millions
 - US Census Records Websites
 - Online Census Search Tips
 - Questions in the Census
 - Census Questions by Category
 - Census Abbreviations
 - Non-Population Schedules
 - State and Territorial Censuses
8. Immigration
 - US Immigrants by Country 1820-1975
 - Timeline of Emigration Push and Pull Factors
 - Timeline of Immigration Laws
 - Passenger List Availability for Busiest US Ports
 - Passenger Search Tips
 - Passenger List Notations and Abbreviations
 - Timeline of European Territorial Changes
 - Maps of Historical Europe
9. Military
 - Timeline of US Military Conflicts
 - War Records to Look For
 - US Military Record Sources
10. Cemeteries
 - Tombstone Symbolism
 - Cemetery Do's and Don'ts
 - Tombstone Materials Timeline
 - Types of Cemeteries
 - 4 Cemetery Search Tips
 - Cemetery Research Sources
 - 3 Steps to Photograph a Tombstone
11. Genetic Genealogy
 - Genetic Genealogy Testing Companies
 - DNA Analysis Tools
 - Types of DNA Tests
 - Comparing Autosomal DNa Tests at a Glance
 - DNA Relationship Comparison Chart
 - 5 Genetic Genealogy Myths
 - Genetic Genealogy Resources
12. Geography
 - Rectangular Survey System
 - US Territorial Acquisitions Timeline
 - US Territorial Acquisitions Map
 - Major US Population Migrations
 - Major US Migration Routes
 - 10 Online Mapping Resources
 - 4 Key Types of Maps
13. Social History
 - Timeline of Inventions
 - Timeline of Disasters
 - Glossary of Archaic Occupations
 - Glossary of Archaic Diseases
 - Timeline of US Epidemics
 - Gregorian Calendar Adoption Dates by Country
14. Photography
 - Historical Photo Formats
 - 6 Photo Preservation Tips
 - 6 Photo ID Tips
 - Sources of Family Photographs
 - Writing Photo Captions
 - Photo-Editing Tools
 - Digital Photo Resolution Guide
Appendix A. Worksheets
Appendix B. Your Frequently Cited Facts


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Family Tree Factbook: Key Genealogy Tips and Stats for the Busy Researcher


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