Fairmile Ships of the Royal Australian Navy: Volume 2

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 408 pages
Author: The Fairmile Association, P. Evans & R. Thompson
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9781876439293
Other: b&w photos, sketches, maps, appendixes, indexes
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

During World War Two, the Royal Australian Navy decided to employ Fairmile ships to provide a fast craft for escort duties, anti-submarine activities, carrying commandos and raiding Japanese-held bases.

Many were built in Australia and Volume 1 of this series described their construction and service in nearby waters.

This long awaited second volume covers the New Guinea and island operations of Fairmiles and HDMLs through to war's end. They had various duties, including dropping and recovering Z Special units, hunting enemy submarines and barges, strafing Japanese coastal facilities and one crew shot down a Zero.

Told mostly through the words of officers and crewmen, their actions and adventures come alive as they describe what occurred.

The authors have also included Air Sea Rescue craft, 'mother' and auxiliary ships, surrender activities, communications and armaments.

This fine book fills and important gap in the proud history of the Royal Australian Navy during World War Two.

Illustrations and Maps
Peter Evans
Greg Percival
1. New Guinea and Papua
2. Fairmiles: 400 Series
3. Fairmeils: 800 Series
4. Harbour Defence Motor Launches
5. Air Sea Rescue Vessels
6. HMAS Koopa
7. Auxiliary and Requisitioned Vessels
8. Unconditional Surrender
9. Communications
10. After the War
Appendix 1. Glossary
Appendix 2. Bibliography
Appendix 3. Report on ML 430
Appendix 4. Personal Experiences
Appendix 5. Armaments
Appendix 6. Administration Bases
Appendix 7. Fairmiles Background
Appendix 8. Operation Plans
Appendix 9. CO Reports
Index: Personnel
Index: Ship and Unit
Index: General

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Fairmile Ships of the Royal Australian Navy: Volume 2


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