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Digital Restoration From Start to Finish: How to Repair Old and Damaged Photographs

Publisher: Focal Press

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 480 pages
Author: Ctein
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780240812083
Other: 2nd ed., b&w & colour photos, index
Publisher: Focal Press

'Digital Restoration From Start to Finish' 2nd edition guides you step-by-step through the entire process of restoring old photographs and repairing new ones using Adobe Photoshop, Picture Window, and now Photoshop Elements, for those that don't have Photoshop.

You will learn how to restore faded and damaged photographic prints, films and glass plates, in both black and while and colour. This highly illustrated guide includes over 70 task-orientated "how-to's" providing solutions to common, frustrating problems. Nothing is left out, from choosing the right hardware and software and getting the photographs into the computer, to getting the finished photo out of the computer and preserving it for posterity.

You will learn how to:

  • Scan faded and damaged prints or films
  • Improve snapshots with Shadow/Highlight adjustment
  • Correct uneven exposure
  • Fix color and skin tones quickly with Curves, plug-ins, and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers
  • Correct uneven exposure and do dodging and burning-in with adjustment layers
  • Hand-tint your photographs easily
  • Correct skin tones with airbrush layers
  • Clean up dust and scratches speedily and effectively
  • Repair small and large cracks with masks and filters
  • Eliminate tarnish and silvered-out spots from a photograph in just a few steps
  • Minimize unwanted print surface textures
  • Erase mildew spots
  • Eliminate dots from newspaper photographs
  • Increase sharpness and fine detailand
  • Maximize print quality

The detailed real-world examples in this book will teach you how to produce great restorations by combining different techniques and tools. In clear and easy to understand text with over 500 illustrations, this book provides step-by-step instructions, and explains what inexpensive alternatives to Photoshop are available for you to use, as well as highlighting Photoshop plug-ins that can do restoration work quickly.

Quick Diagnosis Guide to Resoration
1. The Big Picture
2. Hardware for Restoration Work
3. Software for Restoration
4. Getting the Photo Into the Computer
5. Restoring Tone
6. Restoring Color
7. Making Masks
8. Damage Control
9. Tips, Tricks and Enhancements
10. Beautification
11. Examples
12. Printing Tips
13. Archiving and

'This thorough compendium of digital photo-restoration techniques, by PT contributing editor Ctein, explains almost anything you could need to know about repairing aged or damaged photographs using a scanner and Photoshop (with occasional help from some additional software)' - Photo Techniques, Mar-Apr 2007 [review of the 1st edition]

'The book features restoration tips and methods for handling a range of deteriorated images by using a variety of tools, and then shows how these techniques can be applied to contemporary photographs that have poor color or tonal rendition, as well as misexposed prints' - Photographic Trade News, February 2007 [review of the 1st edition]

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