Corsets and Codpieces: A History of Outrageous Fashion from Roman Times to the Modern Era

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 176 pages
Author: K. Bowman
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781510708570
Other: b&w & colour photos, sketches, appendix, bibliog, index
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Have you ever wondered why we wear the type of clothes we do? Packed with outlandish outfits, this exciting history of fashion trends reveals the flamboyant fashions adopted (and discarded) by our ancestors.

In the days before cosmetic surgery, people used bum rolls and bombastic breeches to augment their figures, painted their faces with poisonous concoctions, and doused themselves with scent to cover body odour.

Take a fresh look at history's hidden fashion disasters and discover some of the stories behind historical garments: 
 - How removing a medieval woman's headdress could reveal her as a harlot
 - Why Tudor men traded in their oversized codpieces for corsets
 - How crinoline caused a spate of shoplifting among Victorian ladies

Author, Karen Bowman charts our sartorial history from the animal skins first used to cover our modesty and show off hunting skills, right up to the twentieth-century drive for practicality and comfort. 'Corsets and Codpieces' is a fascinating read for history buffs and fashionistas alike.

Author's Note
1. Short Skirts, Long Beards
2. Modest Medieval
3. Ruffs and Hose
4. Drums and Wheels
5. Sumptuous Stuarts
6. Gorgeous Georgians
7. False Calves and Rising Moons
8. Death by Crinoline
9. Bustles
10. La Belle Epoque
11. The Roaring Twenties
12. Abominable Trousers and Rationed Fashion
13. Cinched and Pinched - a Brave New World?
Appendix: For Your Entertainment

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Corsets and Codpieces: A History of Outrageous Fashion from Roman Times to the Modern Era


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