Convict Sydney: The Real-life Stories of 32 Prisoners

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 258 pages
Author: J. Twemlow
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9780648946809
Other: bibliog
Publisher: Independently Published

'Convict Sydney' is a collection of biographies of the men, women and child convicts that were transported to Port Jackson between 1788 and 1840. It's not a compilation of the most successful or the worst offenders, but a medley of the everyday citizens that lived and breathed in Sydney town. Each character has been brought to life with glimpses into their personalities and their social lives, their hopes and aspirations. Their individual experiences offer a broader insight into the daily happenings of Sydney and the convict system. From Elizabeth Sullivan, who was known about town as the 'Fighting Hen of Cooks River' with her flamboyant dress and tough countenance, to Robert Sidaway who entertained local residents by hosting dramatic performances in his theater.

We step into early Sydney as it was taking shape and learn about the types of work, routines, punishments, rewards, uniforms, marriage restrictions and so much more by walking in a convict's shoes. 'Convict Sydney' also explores what life was like after the prisoners had completed their sentences. How they eked out a living and created their new identities in their tight-knit but ever growing community. Their stories flesh out the living reality.

Thought provoking, sometimes shocking, poignant and often uplifting, 'Convict Sydney' offers both insight and entertainment as we become privy to the humanity of each convict, the highs and the lows of their lives.

James Milward
Tom Tough
Elizabeth Sullivan
Ann Armsden
Frederick Mitton
John Dwyer
James Frazer
Robert Hudson
George Vigers
Alexander Green
Mary Morgan
Israel Chapman
Ann Yates
Catherine Edwards
Ann Birmingham
Stephen Little
Charles Anderson
Mary Jackman
William Henshall
Robert Sidaway
Ann Jarvis
William Cluer
Samuel Wheeler
Abraham Lawley
Ann Moran
John Lane
William Lock Thurston
John McEntire
Francis Ambrose
Catherine Harvey
Frederick Brook Carrick
Isaac Crane
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Convict Sydney: The Real-life Stories of 32 Prisoners


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