Colonial Duchesses: The Migration of Irish Women to New South Wales Before the Great Famine

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 260 pages
Author: E. Rushen
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780992467104
Other: colour photo, appendix, bibliog, index
Publisher: Anchor Books Australia

In just two years, 750 young Irish women sailed from Cork to Sydney on the 'Duchess of Northumberland' in 1834 and again in 1836 and the 'James Pattison' in 1835.

For the women who took the courageous decision to emigrate, the pain of leaving Ireland was mixed with the excitement of forging a new life in the colony of New South Wales.

This book examines the backgrounds and lives of these young women whose experiences are representative of countless single women who migrated to Australia during the nineteenth century. This book adds to the scholarship of Irish-Australian inter-relationships.

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
Abbreviations, Units of Measurement, Currency
1. Leaving Ireland
- Emigration Commission
- Irish Emigration Committees
- Emigration Agents
2. A most desirable class of emigrants
- Selection criteria
- Independent women
- Chain migration
- Women from charitable institutions
- Certificates of character
3. The tide of emigration
- Maiden voyage of 'The Duchess of Northumberland'
- The superintendent resigns
- Embarkation of the 'James Pattison'
- The second embarkation of the 'Duchess of Northumberland'
4.Would not be them for a trifle
- 'Duchess of Northumberland' crew
- 'James Pattison' crew
- Matrons and messes
- Surviving the voyage
5. A new era
- Ladies Reception Committees
- Skills and occupations
- Self-employed women
- Employed histories
6. The encircling rocks and shoals
- Government inquiry
- Colonial prejudice
- Reactions of the women
7. 'Why should I be all alone by the light of the moon?'
- Marriage to convicts
- Marriage to free men
- De facto relationships
8. Portaits of settlement
- Childbirth
- Clusters of communities and chain migration
- Survival strategies
- Settlement patterns
Appendix 1. Family Groups, 'Duchess of Northumberland' 1836
Appendix 2. Charter school girls, 'Duchess of Northumberland' 1834
Appendix 3. The Bounty Women
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Colonial Duchesses: The Migration of Irish Women to New South Wales Before the Great Famine


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