Civil Service Lists for Quebec 1853 and Canada 1872 and 1894

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1897338074
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

These are dis-bound sections of an annual set of session papers which record the staff of the Canadian (only for Quebec in the 1853 report) Civil Service during that year.

The listing of the Civil Service staff varies in format from report to report. All of them give the officer's name, rank, department, salary and the date of their appointment. The 1872 report also include their "origin" and creed while the 1852 Quebec report also includes notes about the department and some of the employees.

If an ancestor was working for the government in this period they are going to be listed here.

Nor was government employment limited to clerical tasks in those days. The lists include such positions as lock keepers, the entire North-West mounted Police Force (1894) as well as workers in the government run railways. There are also, of course, lists of clerical staff for the various levels of government, tax collectors and postal workers to mention but a few

We selected these three reports at approximately 20 year intervals to give you the best chance of finding your ancestor if he worked for the government through this period.

There are thousands of Civil Servants listed in these reports and the largest, the 1894 report includes an alphabetical index from which I have extracted the surnames (given names are included in the original).

Note: This was a difficult print for the OCR process even though we are using state-of-the-art software. I have tried to correct the errors I saw but there are probably still some in the list. If you see a name which is close to what you're looking for, but not an exact match, e-mail me at and I'll look in the original.

A Abbott, Acker, Ackers, Ackland, Adam, Adams, Adamson, Addison, Aikens, Aikins, Ainsborough, Aitken, Albert, Alcock, Aldrich, Alexander, Alford, Allain, Allan, Allan, Allard, Allen, Allin, Allison, Almon, Alwell, Ambrosse, Amerault, Amey, Ami, Amor, Anderson, Andrews, Anglin, Amiable, Appelton, Arahill, Arcand, Archambault, Archer, Archibald, Ardagh, Ardouin, Arland, Arless, Armstrong, Arsenault, Artz, Ascah, Ashby, Ashe, Ashmead, Ashton, Ashwood, Askin, Askins, Asselin, Atcheson, Atherton, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwood, Aubiu, Au Coin, Audet, Audette, Auger, Autnond, Auniond, Austin, Avery, Aylen, Aymong, Ayotte, Ayottt,

B Babin, Babineau, Babington, Baby, Backhouse, Bacon, Badgley, Bailey, Baird, Baker, Baloom, Balderson, Baldwin, Bale, Bales, Ball, Ballantine, Balthazard, Bangs, Bannister, Banting, Barbe, Barber, Barcelo, Barker, Burlow, Barnes, Barnett, Barnhart, Bamstead, Barrett, Barrette, Barry, Bartle, Bartlett, Bartram, Bascom, Bashlbrd, Haskerville, Bastien, Bate, Bates, Bathurst, Batterton, Battle, Bauset, Baxter, Bayard, Baylie, Beahen, Beale, Bealy, Beamish, Bean, Beard, Beare, Beasley, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Beauchamp, Beauchesue, Beaudoin, Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaulnes, Beauparlant, Beaupre, Beazley, Beck, Begg, Best, Beckett, Beekwith, Bedard, Beddoe, Bedell, Bedford, Beers, Begin, Beique, Belair, Belaud, Belanger, Belcher, Belding, Belford, Belfour, Bell, Belleau, Belleperche, Bellerive, Belliveau, Belyea, Bender, Benjamin, Bennett, Bennetts, Bennie, Benoit, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Beresford, Bermingham, Bernard, Bermey, Berry, Berthelet, Berton, Bertram, Bertrand, Best, Betournay, Bickerstaff, Biekle, Bignev, Bills, Bilodeau, Binks, Bimiey, Binhall, Birmingham, Birtch, Bish, Bishop, Bisson, Bissonnette, Bittner, Bixby, Blaek, Black, Blackadar, Blackburn, Blackball, Blackmail, Blackwood, Blaikie, Blain, Blair, Blais, Blake, Blarney, Blanchet, Blanchfield, Blanstein, Blatch, Bleakney, Blenkinsop, Blethen, Bligh, Bliss, Blizard, Blomeley, Blondeau, Bloomer, Bloomfield, Blundell, Boardman, Boddy, Boggs, Bogue, Bois, Boisjoli, Boivin, Bolduc, Bolger, Bollard, Bollong, Bolman, Bolster, Bolton, Bonaberg, Bonnallie, Bonner, Bonness, Bonneville, Bonnick, Bonnin, Boomer, Booth, Borradaile, Borron,Bostridge, Boswell, Botterell, Boucher, Boudreau, Boudreault, Boulliane, Boulet, Boultbee, Boulter, Bourassa, Bourgeau, Bourgeois, Bourget, Bourinot, Bourke, Bourret, Bouteiller, Bovell, Boville, Bowell, Bower, Bowie, Bowles, Bowman, Bown, Bowser, Boyce, Boyd, Boyer, Boyle, Boys, Boyter, Brabant, Braden, Bradley, Bradner, Brady, Bray, Breadner, Br'ecken, Brehaut, Bremner, Brennan, Brenot, Brent, Brett, Brewster, Briand, Bridges, Briegel, Briggs, Brisbois, Brinacombe, Brissette, Bristol, Brittain, Broad, Broadbent, Broadfoot, Broder, Brokovski, Brook, Brookfield, Brooks, Brophy, Brossard, Brosseau, Brough, Broughton, Broufllet, Brousseau, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Brumell, Brunei, Brunelle, Brymner, Buck, Buckley, Buckler, Budge, Bueil, Buist, Bull, Bulmer, Bunel, Burden, Burgess, Burke, Burlingham, Burnham, Burnett, Burns, Burpe, Burpee, Burr, Burrows, Burton, Bushby, Bush, Bushell, Bussell, Bussiere, Bustin, Butler, Byers, Byrne, Byrnes, Byshe, Bythell

C Cadman, Cadotte, Cati'arati, Cahill, Cairns, Calder, Caldwell, Callaghan, Callary, Callaway, Cameron, Campbell, Campeau, Canniff, Canning, Cannon, Caouette, Capbert, Cape, Capreol, Carion, Carle, Carleton, Carlton, Carman, Carney, Caron, Carpenter, Carpmael, Carr, Carrier, Carriere, Carroll, Carrother, Carruthers, Carson, Carter, Cartwright, Carty, Carwardine, Casault, Casey, Casgrain, Casselman, Cassels, Cassidy, Cassily, Catellier, Cauchon, Cave, Caven, Caveu, Chabot, Chadd, Chadwick, Chagnon, Chalmers, Chalut, Chamard, Chamberlain, Chamberland, Chambers, Champagne, Champness, Chandler, Channell, Chantrell, Chapais, Chapleau, Chapman, Charbonneau, Charland, Charlebois, Charles, Charters, Chartifr, Chartrand, Chase, Chatigny, Chavot, Cheatley, Checkley, Cheney, Cherry, Chesley, Chevalier, Chevrier, Cheyne, Chillas, Chilton, Chisholm, Chittick, Chitty, Choquette, Christian, Christie, Chubb, Chubbuck, Church, Churchill, Chute, Clapperton, Clark, Clarke, Clarkin, Clay, Clayton, Cleary, Clementi, Clermont, Cleaveland, Clewes, Cliff, Clinck, Clink, Close, Cloutier, Clute, Coaldwell, Coallier, Coastworth, Coates, Cobuni, Cochran, Cochrane, Cockburn, Codd, Code, Coffee, Coffey, Coffin, Cogau, Colburn, Colcleugh, Coleman, Coles, Collard, Collett, Collier, Collins, Colmer, Colson, Colton, Colvin, Comer, Commarford, Compton, Condon, Conley, Conlon, Connell, Connelly, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conover, Conroy, Constantin, Constantino, Contant, Conway, Cooch, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Copp, Copping, Corbeil, Corbeille, Corbet, Corbett, Corby, Corcoran, Cormier, Cornish, Corp, Cosgrove, Coste, Costello, Costigan, Costin, Cote, Cottingham, Cotton, Coughlin, Coulter, Coursolles, Courtman, Courtney, Couse, Cousineau, Cousins, Coutts, Couture, Covert, Cowan, Coward, Cowley, Cox, Crabbe, Craig, Crampton, Crate, Crawford, Crease, Creighton, Crevier, Crimmen, Crisp, Crocker, Cronk, Crooks, Crookshank, Cross, Crotty, Crowe, Crowell, Cuddie, Cuffe, Culhane, Cull, Cullen, Cullis, Culross, Cuming, Cummins, Cunningham, Curless, Curley, Curran, Curren, Currie, Currier, Curtis, Cusaek, Cushing, Cussou, Cuthbert, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cyr

D Dagenais, Dagg, Dagneau, Dale, Dalton, Daly, Dalziel, Damery, D'Amour, Dancause, Daniel, Danis, Dausereau, Daoust, Darcey, D'Arcy, Darragh, Darveau, Daubney, D'Auray, D'Auteuil, Daveluy, Davey, Davidson, Davieau, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Deacon, Deane, Deavy, DeBoucherville, DeCazes, DeCelles, deCoste, de Cotret, Degan, De Grosbois, De Groseillier, Delamadeleine, DeLamorandiere, de Lanaudiere, Delanoy, De l'Etoile, Delisle, DeLong, Delonne, Demare, DeMartigny, Demers, Deming, De Mings, deMolitor, Dempsey, Denault, Dench, Denneuey, Dennene'y, Dennis, D'Entremont, Deprus, Derrah, Desaulniers, Deschamps, Desilets, Desjardins, Deslauriers, Desloges, Desnoyers, Des Rivieres, Desrochers, Desroches, Destroismaisous, Deville, Devine, De vine, Devinney, Devlin, Dewar, De Young, Dibblee, Dibbs, Dick, Dickey, Dickieson, Dickinson, Dickson, Dillon, Dimock, Dingman, Dinning, Dion, Dionne, Ditmars, Dixon, Doane, Dobbin, Dobsou, Dodd, Dodds, Doller, Donaghy, Donald, Donaldson, Donnelly, Dontigny, Dorais, Doray, Dorion, Dorland, Dorman, Dorval, Doucet, Dougherty, Douglas, Dowd, Dowling, Downey, Dowrie, Dowsley, Doyle, Doyon, Drake, Dreaney, Drew, Driscoll, Driver, Drouiliard, Drouin, Drummond, Duane, Dube, Duboulay, Dubuc, Ducharme, Duck, Dudley, Duff, Duffin, Duffy, Dufresne, Dugal, Duggan, Duhamel, Duhault, Dumaresfi, Dumas, Dumbrille, Dumesnil, Dumont, Dumouchel, Dunbar, Duncan, Dundas, Dunlap, Dunlevie, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunne, Dunnet, Dunnett, Duplessis, Dupuis, Durack, Durden, Durham, Durnan, Durocher, Durston, DuSault, Dusseault, Dustan, Dutch, Duval, Dwyer, Dynes, Dysart

E Eagan, Eager, Eagleson, Earle, Eaton, Eberts, Ecclestone, Eckersley, Eckhardt, Eddies, Edgar, Edge, Edgecombe, Edmonds, Edmondson, Edwards, Edwards, Egan, Egar, Egener, Elbourne, Elder, Elie, Eliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ells, Elston, Embury, Emerson, Emery, Emoud, Emond, English, Enright, Erb, Ernst, Erwin, Essex, Estey, Evans, Evanson, Evanturel, Everett, Evoy, Ewi'ng

F Fagan, Fahey, Fair, Fairman, Fairweather, Falconer, Falkiner, Faribault, Farley, Farquhar, Farrell, Farrow, Faulkner, Fawcett, Fearnside, Fellows, Fenaughty, Fenerty, Fenoglio, Ferguson, Ferrier, Fiddes, Fielding, Filgiano,Filiatrault, Filion, Filteau, Findlay, Findley, Finen, Finlaison, Finlay, Finlayson, Finnigan, Firth, Fiset, Fisette, Fisher, Fissiault, Fitzgerald, FitzGibbon, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Flack, Flaglor, Fleming, FleshiT, Fletcher, Flood, Florence, Flynn,Foley, Fontaine, Foran, Forbes, Forcier, Ford, Foreman, Forest, Forget, Forrest, Forster, Forsyth, Fortescue, Fortier, Foster, Fougere, Fournier, Founder, Fowler, Fowlie, Fox, Francis, Frank, Franklin, Fraser, Frechette, Freed, Freel, Freeman, Freeze, French, Frigon, Frink, Frizzell, Frost, Fuller, Fulmer, Fulton, Fultz, Furois, Futvoye

G Gabriel, Gagne, Gagnon, Galbraith, Galibois, Gallagher, Gallant, Gullet, Gallup, Galna, Galvin, Galiwey, Garault, Garceau, Gardiner, Gardner, Gariepy, Garland, Garneau, Garrison, Gass, Gaskin, Gatien, Gaudet, Gaudin, Gaudry, Gauthier, Gauvin, Gauvreau, Gazey, Geddes, Gedeas, Geldart, Geldert, Gemmill, Genand, Gendreau, Genest, Genge, Geoghegan, George, Gerald, Gerin, Germain, Gerrior, Gervais, Giasson, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Giffin, Giguere, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Gilkie, Gilford, Gill, Gillen, Gillespie, Gillessie, Gillie, Gillies, Gillispie, Gilmour, Gingras, Girard, Girdlestone, Giroux, Gisborne, Givens, Gleason, Gleeson, Glendinning, Gliddon, Globensky, Gloude, Glover, Goad, Gobeil, Godsoe, Godson, Godwin, Golden, Gompertz, Good, Goodeve, Goodfellow, Goodman, Goodspeed, Goodwin, Gordon, Gorman, Gorrell, Gosnell, Gosselin, Gott, Goudock, Gough, Gouin, Gould, Goulden, Goulding, Gouldthrite, Goulet, Gourdeau, Gove, Gow, Gowan, Gowen, Goyette, Grafton, Graham, Grahame, Grant, Gravel, Gravelle, Graves, Gray, Graydon, Greaves, Green, Greenfield, Gregory, Greer, Grenier, Griesbacb, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Grimason, Grison, Grondin, Gross, Grout, Guay, Guertin, Guillemette, Guillod, Guiou, Gumi, Gurnett, Guthrie, Guy

H Hachey, Hackett, Hadley, Hagarty, Hagennan, Hagerman, Hagarty, Halcrow,Hale, Halkett, Hall, Hambly, Hamel, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hauim, Hamond, Hampton, Hancock, Hanington, Hanley, Hanlon, Hannah, Harmon, Hannon, Hanrahan, Hanright, Hanson, Harbottle, Hardie, Harding, Hardy, Hare, Harel, Hargrave, Harney, Hamey, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harron, Hart, Hartley, Hartney, Harty, Harvey, Hassard, Hastie, Haszard, Hatch, Hatchette, Haultain, Hawken, Hawkesworth, Hawkins, Haycock, Hayden, Hayes, Haystead, Hayter, Hayward, Heakes, Heaney, Heath, Hebert, Heffernan, Heintz, Helliwell, Helms, Heming, Hemlow, Hender, Henderson, Henley, Hennessey, Henry, Henshaw, Henwood, Herchmer, Heron, Heroux, Herst, Hess, Hesson, Hetherington, Hevey, Hewson, Hewton, Hiam, Hicks, Higgins, Higginson, Hildred, Hill, Hillier, Hilton, Hilyard, Himsworth, Hinchey, Hinds, Hipwell, Hiscott, Hitchings, Hobbs, Hoben, Hockin, Hodd, Hodge, Hodgers, Hodgins, Hoey, Hoffmann, Hogan, Hogg, Hogle, Homer, Holland, Hollingsworth, Holmes, Holt, Hood, Hooey, Hook, Hoolahan, Hopgood, Hopkins, Hopkirk, Horn, Hornibrook, Houghton, Houle, Hourie, House, Houston, Howard, Howarth, Howden, Howe, Howey, Howie, Hoyt, Hubley, Hudgins, Hudon, Hudson, Hugg, Huggan, Huggard, Hughes, Hugonnard, Hume, Humphry, Humphries, Hunt, Hunter, Hurley, Hurst, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hutty, Hyatt, Hyndman, Hynes, Hyslip, Her

I Ince, Ingall, Ingram, Ironside, Irvine, Irwin, Isaacson

J Jack, Jackman, Jackson, Jacques, Jakeman, James, Jameson, Jamieson, Janisse, Jarvis, Jean, Jeffers, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jenks, Jermyn, Jessop, Jessup, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jokisch, Joncas, Jones, Jordan, Joslin, Joule, Jowett, Jubenville, Judd, Just

K Kain, Kane, Kavanagh, Kay, Kearney, Kearus, Kearns, Keary, Keating, Keays, Keeler, Kehoe, Keilty, Keith, Keizer, Kell, Keller, Kelly, Kemp, Kennedy, Kenning, Kenny, Kent, Keogh, Keou, Kerr, Keswick, Ketchum, Ketcheman, Ketcheson, Keyes, Kezar, Kidd, Kiernan, Killorn, Kilroy, Kilvert, Kimber, Kimlin, King, Kingsbery, Kingston, Kinnear, Kinney, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirwan, Kissick, Knanf, Knight, Knighton, Knowlson, Knowlton, Knox, Kreps

L Labbe, Labelle, Laberge, Labonte, Labossiere, Lacasse, Lacerte, Lachapelle, Lacken, Lackey, Lafleur, Laframboise, Lafrance, Lafranchise, L' Africain, Lagace, Laidman, Laing, Laird, Lake, Lally, Lalonde, LaManque, Lamarcne, Lamb, Lambart, Lambe, Lambert, Lambkin, Lamer, Lamere, LaMothe, Lamoureux, Lampman, Landers, Landor, Landricau, Landry, Lane, Langenburg, Langevin, Langley, Langlois, Langstone, Lanthier, Lantier, Lapointe, Lapomte, Laporte, Larente, Larin, Lariviere, Larkin, Larochelle, Larose, Larseneur, LaRue, Lame, Lash, Latimer, Latomell, Latouche, Latour, Lander, Laurie, Laurilliard, Laurin, Lavallee, Lavell, Lavoie, Law, Lawder, Lawless, Lawlor, Lawrence, Lawson, Lay, Layton, Leadley, Leahy, Leard, Learoyd, Lebel, Leblanc, Leclair, Lecours, Ledoux, Leduc, Leeming, Lefebvre, Lefort, Lefroy, Legare, Legate, Legault, Legendre, Leger, Leggett, LeGros, Leguerrier, Leighton, Leitch, Le Lacheur, Lelievre, Lemay, Lemieux, Letuifux, Lemoine, Le Moine, Lemon, Lent, Leonard, Lepage, Lepine, Lepper, Leprohon, LeQuesne, Lesage, Leslie, Lester, LeSueur, Letson, Lett, Lettan, Levasseur, Leveque, Lewers, Lewis, L'Heureux, Lightfoot, LiHey, Lindsay, Linloff, Lipsett, Lithgow, Little, Livingstone, Lizotte, Lloyd, Loan, Loarden, Lockwood, Loisel, Lomas, Long, Looby, Lonuige, Lord, Loring, Lortie, Losey, Loucks, Loudon, Lough, Loughrain, Loughrane, Loux, Low, Lowe, Lownds, Lowry, Lowther, Loyer, Lucas, Luke, Lunan, Lunny, Lusignan, Lussier, Luther, Lynch, Lynes, Lynn, Lynton, Lyon, Lyons, Lyster

M (not including Mc) Macarow, Macaulay, MacCormac, Macdonald, Macdonell, MacFarlane, MacGillis, MacGillivray, MacGregor, Macintyre, Mackay, Mackenzie, Maclaughlin, Maclean, MacLeod, MacMahon, MacMurchy, Macnamara, Macoun, Macpherson, Macrae, Macvicar, Madden, Madore, Magee, Magness, Maguire, Mahar, Maher, Mahon, Mailhot, Mailleue, Mailloux, Mailman, Main, Maingy, Mainville, Maitland, Makinson, Malboeuf, Malcolm, Malcom, Malepart, Malo, Malone, Malouin, Malpas, Manhard, Mankey, Mann, Manning, Manseau, Manson, Maracle, March, Marcon, Marentette, Marier, Marion, Markle, Marks, Marmette, Marquette, Man's, Marshall, Martel, Martin, Martineau, Mason, Masse, Massop, Masters, Matheson, Matthew, Matthewman, Matthews, Mathewson, Mathieu, Matton, Maxwell, May, Mayer,Maynard, Meacham, Meadows, Meagher, Medlow, Meehan, Meighen, Meloche, Menzies, Mercer, Mercier, Mercil, Meredith, Merrick, Merriman, Merritt, Metcalf, Methot, Meynell, Miall, Middleton, Miggins, Mignault, Milburn, Miller, Miles, Millier, Milligan, Milliken, Mills, Milne, Milner, Milton, Milward, Minhinnick, Miquelon, Miraglia, Mitchell, Mix, Moblo, Moerschfelder, Moffat, Moffatt, Mollard, Moloney, Monaghan, Monette, Mongeon, Monkman, Monro, Monroe, Monsell, Montcrief, Monteith, Montgomery, Montizambert, Moodie, Moody, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Morash, Morden, Moreau, Morel, Moren, Morgan, Morice, Morin, Morison, Morris, Morrison, Morrissette, Morrissey, Morrow, Morse, Morton, Mosher, Mosier, Moss, Mott, Mowat, Moyes, Moylan, Muckle, Muir, Mulcahy, Muldoon, Mulhern, Mulligan, Mullin, Mullins, Mulvey, Muma, Mundell, Mundy, Munro, Munroe, Murchison, Murphy, Murray, Murren, Mustard, Myers, Myler, Myrand

Mc McAdam, McAdoo, McAfee, McAllister, McArthur, McAulay, McAuley, McBeath, McBratney, McBride, McCabe, McCaffrey, McCaffry, McCague, McCallum, McCandless, McCanu, McCarey, McCart, McCarthy, McCaugherty, McCaulay, McCauley, McCaw, McCharles, McClaiu, McClanaghan, McClaverty, McClenagnan, McClive, McClosky, McCluskey, McColl, McConaghy, McConnan, McConnell, McConville, McCoppin, McCord, McCormick, McCoy, McCracken, McCreary, McCuaig, McCullough, McCulloch, McCurdy, McCutcheon, McDermid, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDonell, McDonnell, McDonnand, McDougall, McEachera, McEachran, McElhinney, McEliigott, McElroy, McEwen, McFadden, McFarland, McFarlane, McGee, McGuein, McGibbon, McGie, McGill, McGillis, McGillivray, McGinnis, McGirr, McGovern, McGowan, McGrail, McGregor, McGuire, McHugh, McIllree, McInerney, McInnes, McInnis, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIsaac, McKay, McKee, McKelvey, McKendrick, McKenna, McKenzie, McKeown, McKiel, McKillop, McKimm, McKinley, McKinnon, McKnight, McLaine, McLagan, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLean, McLellan, McLenaghan, McLennan, McLeod, McManus, McMartin, McMaster, McMeekin, McMichael, McMicken, McMillan, McMinn, McMonagle, McMordie, McMullin, McNab, McNair, McNally, McNamara, McNaughton, McNeal, McNeely, McNeil, McNeill, McNichol, McNiven, McNutt, McNulty, McPhee, McPherson, McPhie, McQuarrie, McQueen, McRae, McRobert, McRoberts, McRobie, McShane, McSween, McTaggart, McVansli, McWhinney, McWilliams

N Nadeau, Nadon, Naessens, Nantel, Narraway, Nash, Naughten, Neagle, Neale, Neely, Neeve, Neil, Neill, Neilson, Neish, Nelligau, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nestor, Nettle, Neville, Nevins, Newall, Newbeny, Newbery, Newbigging, Newbury, Newby, Newcomb, Newcombe, Newman, Newsome, Nicholson, Nicholls, Nichols, Nidh, Niles, Nixon, Noble, Noel, Nolan, Nolet, Norcross, Norman, Normand, Norris, North, Northrup, Northwood, Nugent, Nunn, Nutting

O Ogden, Ogilvy, Ogletree, Olive, Oliver, Olivier, Ollerhead, Orchard, Ormiston, Orpen, Orr, Orton, Ostrom, Otis, Otty, Ouellet, Ouellette, Ouimet, Oulton, Owen, Owens, O'Borne, O'Brien, O'Bryan, O'Connell, O'Connor, O' Dea, O'Dell, O'Doherty, O'Donaghue, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, O'Dowd, O'Farrell, O'Farrall, O'Flaherty, O'Hara, O'Keeffe, O'Learry, O'Leary, O'Loane, O'Malley, O'Meara, O'Neil, O'Neill, O'Regan, O'Reilly, O'Shea, O'Sullivan, O'Tool

P Page, Pageau, Paget, Pamchaud, Palling, Palmer, Panet, Panneton, Pape, Papineau, Paquette, Paradine, Paradis, Pare, Parent, Parish, Park, Parker, Parkhill, Parkinson, Parmelee, Parrett, Parry, Parson, Partridge, Patchell, Pate, Patenaude, Paterson, Paton, Patrick, Patry, Patterson, Patteson, Pattison, Patton, Paxton, Payne, Payson, Pearce, Pearl, Pearson, Peck, Peden, Pegg, Pelletier, Pelton, Pender, Pennock, Pense, Pepin, Pereira, Perham, Perkins, Perrault, Perrie, Perrin, Perry, Peters, Petit, Phair, Philibert, Phillipo, Phillips, Philp, Phinney, Phipps, Phoenix, Phoran, Pidcock, Pidgeon, Pierey, Pierson, Pigeon, Pilson, Pinard, Pinhey, Pinsonneault, Piper, Pipes, Pirritte, Pither, Pitre, Pitts, Plamondon, Plant, Plante, Platt, Plouffe, Plumb, Plummer, Plumpton, Plunket, Plunkett, Pocklington, Pogue, Poirier, Poitevin, Poitras, Pole, Poliquin, Polkinghorne, Pollock, Pontey, Ponton, Poole, Pope, Poper, Porteous, Porter, Potter, Pottinger, Potvin, Pouliot, Powell, Power, Pratt, Prendergast, Prescott, Prevost, Price, Pridham, Primrose, Prince, Pringer, Pringle, Prinyer, Proper, Proulx, Prout, Provost, Prud'homme, Pryor, Pudvah, Pugh, Pugsley, Puigh, Purcell, Purdie, Purdon, Purtell, Purvis, Pye

Q Quain, Query, Quesnel, Quigley, Quilty, Quinane, Quinlan, Quinn

R Radikir, Ralph, Ramon, Ramsden, Ramsey, Ranaghan, Rand, Randall, Rankin, Ratchford, Rattey, Rauscher, Rawding, Rawley, Rawlings, Rayburn, Raymond, Rayworth, Reader, Real, Reardon, Reddan, Reddin, Redmond, Reed, Reeves, Regan, Reid, Reiddy, Reiffenstein, Reilly, Reinhardt, Reinsburrow, Renaud, Rennie, Renois, Renton, Renter, Reynar, Reynard, Reynolds, Ricard, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richey, Richter, Rickards, Riddell, Riddle, Ridgway, Ridley, Ridout, Rigby, Ring, Ritchie, Rivers, Roach, Robb, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robidoux, Robillard, Robbins, Robins, Robinson, Roche, Rochester, Rochette, Rochon, Roddick, Rodgers, Rodrigue, Roebuck, Roeske, Roger, Rogers, Rogerson, Rolston, Rondeau, Rooney, Root, Roper, Rorison, Rose, Ross, Rossiter, Rostaing, Rothwefl, Rouillard, Rouleau, Roulston, Rourke, Rousseau, Routhier, Routledge, Rowan, Rowatt, Rowe, Rowland, Roxborough, Roy, Royal, Rudolf, Ruel, Ruggles, Russ, Russel, Russell, Rutherford, Ruthven, Rutland, Ruttan, Ryan, Ryley

S (not including St) Saint-Denis, Saint-Louis, Salmon, Sampson, Samson, Samuels, Sancton, Sandall, Sanders, Sando, Sanguinette, Sargent, Saucier, Saulnier, Saulter, Saunders, Sauriol, Sauvage, Sauve, Sayers, Scarlett, Scarth, Schingh, Scholfield, Scholes, Scholey, Scholfield, Schram, Schreiber, Schryer, Scott, Scovil, Screaton, Scribner, Scullion, Seale, Secor, Secours, Seely, Seguin, Selwyn, Sevier, Sewell, Sexton, Seyhan, Seymour, Shakspeare, Shanacy, Shanks, Shanly, Shannon, Sharman, Shaman, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaughnessy, Shaw, Shea, Shead, Sheals, Shears, Sheasgreen, Sheehan, Sherring, Sherrit, Sherritt, Sherwood, Shore, Short, Shutt, Siddons, Sigouin, Simard, Simmons, Simons, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Sinon, Sircom, Sirois, Skelly, Skinner, Sladen, Slater, Slattery, Slean, Slemin, Sloan, Small, Smallpiece, Smellie, Smith, Smithers, Smithson, Smyth, Snow, Snyder, Soeurs de la Merci, Somers, Sorley, Sormany, Southall, Southcott, Soutter, Sowter, Sparkes, Sparks, Spenard, Spence, Spencer, Spereman, Spicer, Spillette, Spittal, Springate, Sproule, Spry, Stalker, Standish, Stanley, Stansfeld, Stanton, Stapleton, Starkie, Starmer, Stames, Stayner, Steacy, Steckel, Steele, Steers, Steft'ens, Stein, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stimpson, Stinson, Stipe, Stock, Stockton, Stoddart, Stokes, Storr, Strange, Stratton, Street, Strickland, Strong, Strongman, Strous, Stuart, Stubbs, Stumbles, Sullivan, Suite, Sutherland, Sutton, Swaine, Swait, Swan, Sweetnam, Swinburn, Sylvain, Symes

St St-Arnaud, St-Denis, St-Jean, St-Onge, Ste-Marie

T Tache, Tackaberry, Taillon, Talbot, Tansey, Tasker, Tasse, Tattrie, Taylor, Teakles, Teasdale, Teck, Tennant, Tessier, Tester, Tetu, Thackeray, Thayne, Theakston, Theriau, Theriault, Thibault, Thimens, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorburn, Thome, Throop, Thurber, Tidmarsh, Tighe, Till, Tilley, Tinning, Tipton, Tobin, Todd, Toller, Tolley, Tonilinson, Tompkins, Topley, Toupin, Tourangeau, Tourchot, Towers, Townsend, Townshend, Tracey, Trainor, Travis, Traynor, Treadwell, Trecarten, Trefry, Tremain, Tremaine, Tremblay, Trepanier, Trider, Trites, Troop, Trowbndge, Trudeau, Trudel, Tuck, Tucker, Tuff, Tupper, Turbide, Turcotte, Turgeon, Turner, Turton, Tye, Tyner, Tyrrell, Tyson

U Underwood, Unsworth, Upper, Urquhart, Usher

V Valeur, Valin, Valiquette, Vallee, Vallerand, Valois, Vanasse, Vanderburg, Vanier, Van Ingen, Vavasour, Veilleux, Venning, Verner, Verreault, Vezina, Viets, Villeneuve, Vincent, Vinet, Violette, Virtue, Visser, Vowell

W Wabb, Waddell, Wade, Wadsworth, Waggoner, Wagner, Wainwright, Wait, Wakeham, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Waller, Wallis, Walinsley, Walsh, Walton, Ward, Wardell, Waring, Warren, Waterman, Waters, Wathen, Watkins, Watson, Watt, Watters, Webb, Webbe, Webber, Webster, Weir, Weldon, Wilmot, Wilson, Wells, Westell, Westman, Weyms, Wheatley, Wheeler, Whelan, Whitcher, White, White-Fraser, Whiteaves, Whitely, Whiteside, Whiting, Whitlock, Whittaker, Whitteker, Whitty, Whyte, Wickens, Wickwire, Wiggins, Wigle, Wiley, Wilkes, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willimott, Willis, Williston, Willoughby, Wills, Wilmot, Wilson, Wiltshire, Winckler, Wingfield, Winstanley, Winter, Winton, Wise, Withers, Witton, Witzig, Wolf, Wolfenden, Wood, Woodall, Woodhouse, Woodland, Woodrow, Woods, Woodward, Woolaver, Worsnop, Wrayton, Wright, Wroughton

Y Yates, Yeilding, Yorick, York, Yorston, Young

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Civil Service Lists for Quebec 1853 and Canada 1872 and 1894


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