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Children's Homes: A History of Institutional Care for Britain's Young

Publisher: Pen & Sword

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 318 pages
Author: P. Higginbotham
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781526701350
Other: b&w photos, maps, useful resources, bibliog, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

What image does the word ‘orphanage’ conjure up in your mind? A sunny scene of carefree children at play in the grounds of a large ivy-clad house? Or a forbidding grey edifice whose cowering inmates were ruled over with a rod of iron by a stern, starched matron?

In 'Children's Homes' Peter Higginbotham explores the history of the institutions in Britain that were used as a substitute for children's 'natural' homes. This includes  not only orphanages but a wide range of other establishments run by particular bodies (charities, religious groups, workhouse authorities, occupational groups, local councils, single individuals etc.) or which served particular purposes (pen confinement, moral protection, special training etc.). Now there is much evidence that some children's insitutions were indeed fearful places where children were, at least by present-day standards, badly treated - even if it was often with the best of intentions by those who ran those establishments.

From the Tudor times to the present day, this fascinating book answers questions such as: Who founded and ran all these institutions? Who paid for them? Where have they all gone? And what was life like for their inmates? Illustrated throughout, 'Children's Homes' provides an essential, previously overlooked, account of the history of these British institutions.

1. Early Children's Homes
2. Reformatorie, Ragged and Industrial Schools
3. Approved Shools
4. Training Ships
5. The Shaftesbury Homes and 'Arethusa'
6. Müller's Orphan Houses
7. Barnardo's Homes
8. The National Children's Home
9. The Waifs and Strays Society
10. Occupatiional Homes
11. Other Voluntary Homes
12. Religious Homes
13. Children With Disabilities
14. Fund Raising
15. Poor Law Homes
16. Emigration Homes
17. Boarding Out/Fostering
18. Aftercare and Preventative Work
19. Magdalen Homes
20. Local Authority Children's Homes
21. Life in Children's Homes
22. Abuse in Children's Homes
23. A Future for Children's Homes
24. Children's Home Records
25. Useful Resources
References and Notes

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