Cheshire 1841 Census

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Media: DATA CD - 30 CDs
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9781845947873
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

This CD-ROM set of the Cheshire 1841 Census comes on 30 CDs, digitised images of the original census enumerators' books taken from microfilm (not microfiche) as it is higher quality. Please note: Censuses are organised by Registration Districts, which DO NOT necessarily correspond with county boundaries. A set of census records for a Registration District may omit some places within a county, and/or include places from adjacent counties.

These are very old original hand written records. The vast majority of pages are readable, but there may be some pages that are illegible due to faded ink and the techniques used to film the records. The scanning is done from films and we apply enhancement techniques to obtain the best possible results. When you order the census CDs, you accept that some pages may be difficult to read or illegible.

Place Indexes are included in the CD set. Place, Piece number, Folio. That makes it really easy to locate a place in the census enumerator's books so that you can begin your searches. In addition, each 10th folio number is book marked in the files on the CDs for fast navigation.

This is real primary data. Note that the CDs contain images of the actual pages of the census enumerators' books. Real original primary research data. (Not transcriptions in text format). What you see is the original hand written documents. That does involve you reading the pages rather than typing in a name and expecting the computer to find it. However, you will very quickly become used to the handwriting styles of the different enumerators, and it is easy to click through the pages at even low magnification to spot the people you are looking for.

Places on CD 1 (HO107/089):
Agden, Aldersey, Aldford (part), Barton, Bickerton, Bickley, Bradley, Broxton, Broxton (Higher Division), Bulkeley, Bunbury (part), Burwardsley, Caldecott, Carden, Chidlow, Cholmondley, Chorlton, Chowley, Church Shocklack, Churton-by-Aldford, Churton-by-Farndon, Clutton, Coddington, Crewe, Cuddington, Duckington, Edge, Egerton, Farndon, Grafton, Hampton, Handley (part), Hardhill, Horton-by-Malpas, Kingsmarsh, Malpas, Newton-juxta-Malpas, Oldcastle, Overton, Oviatt Shocklach, Stocklach, Stockton, Stretton, Threapwood, Tilston, Tushingham, Wichaugh, Wigland.

Places on CD 2 (HO107/090):
Aldford (part), Bache, Backford (part), Broxton (Lower Division), Buerton, Caughall, Churton-Heath or Bruera, Cotton-Abbotts, Cotton-Edmunds, Cristleton, Doddleston (part), Eaton, Eccleston, Edgerley, Foulk-Stapleford, Golbourn-David, Golbourne-Bellow, Gorstella, Great Boughton, Guilden-Sutton, Handley (part), Hatton, Hoole, Huntington, Huxley, Lea-Newbold, Mickle-Trafford, Newton-by-Chester, Littleton, Lower Kinnerton, Marston-cum-Leach, Moston, Newton-by-Tattenhall, Pickton, Plemonstall or Plemstall (part), Poulton, Pulford, Rowton, Saighton, St Mary-on-the-Hill (part), St Oswald (part), Tarvin, Tattenhall, Upton, Waverton, Wervin.

Places on CD 3 (HO107/091):
Agden (part), Altrincham, Ashley, Ashton-upon-Mersey, Baguley, Bollington (part), Bowden, Bucklow, Carrington, Dunham Massey, Dunham Town, Dunham Woodhouse, Hale, Oldhouse, Partington, Rostherne, Sale, Sinderland, Timperley.

Places on CD 4 (HO107/092):
Anderton, Antrobus, Appleton or Hull & Appleton, Aston by Budworth, Barnton, Bartington, Bucklow, Cogshall, Comberbach, Crowley, Dutton, Great Budworth (part), Little Leigh, Marbury, Marston, Peover Inferior, Pickmore, Plumbley, Sevenoaks, Tabley Inferior, Whitley Inferior, Whitley Superior, Wincham.

Places on CD 5 (HO107/093-094):
Bexton, Bucklow, Grappenhall, Knutsford, Knutsford Inferior, Knutsford Superior, Latchford, Leigh High, Lymm, Marthall with Little Warford, Mere, Millington, Mobberley, Ollerton, Peover Superior, Rostherne (part), Tabley Superior, Tatton, Toft.

Places on CD 6 (HO107/095):
Acton-Grange, Aston-Grange, Aston-by Sutton (with Middleton Grange), Clifton Rocksavage, Daresbury, Halton, Hatton, Kekewick (or Keckwick, Moore or Moor, Newton-by-Daresbury, Norton, Preston-on-the-Hill, Runcorn, Stockham, Sutton, Thelwell, Walton Inferior, Walton Superior, Warburton, Weston.

Places on CD 7 (HO107/096):
Alpraham, Beeston, Bunbury, Calveley, Darnhall, Delamere, Eaton, Eddisbury, Haughton, Iddinshall, Kingswood, Little Budworth, Low Oulton, Marton, Middlewich, Oakmere, Over, Peckforton, Ridley, Rushton, Spurstow, St Oswald, Tarporley, Tilston-Fearnall, Tiverton, Utkinton, Wardle, Weever or Weaver, Wettenhall, Whitegate or New Church.

Places on CD 8 (HO107/097):
Alvanley, Barrow, Bradley, Bridge-Trafford, Castle Northwich, Eddisbury, Frodsham (Town), Frodsham (Lairdship), Great & Little Barrow, Great Budworth, Hartford, Helsby, Ince, Kingsley, Manley, Netherton, Newton-on-Frodsham, Norley, Overton, Plemonstall (Plemstall) (part), Winnington, Woodhouses.

Places on CD 9 (HO107/098):
Acton, Ashton, Bruen-Stapleford, Burton-by-Tarvin, Clotton-Hoofield, Crowton, Cuddington, Dudden, Durham on the Hill, Eddisbury, Elton, Gorstage, Hapsford, Hockenhull-Stapleford, Horton-with-Peele, Kelsall, Milton, Mouldsworth, Onston, Sandiway, Tarvin, Tarvin-with-Oscroft (with Priors Hayes), Thornton-le-Moors, Weaverham (Town), Weaverham (Lairdship), Wallerscoat, Willington, Wimbolds-Trafford.

Places on CD 10 (HO107/099-100):
Alderley, Astbury (part), Cheadle, Cheadle-Bulkeley, Cheadle-Moseley, Gawsworth, Great Warford, Handforth-cum-Bosden, Hattersley, Hollingsworth, Macclesfield, Mottrm-in-Longden-Dale, Nether Alderley, Over Alderley, Somerford-Booths.

Places on CD 11 (HO107/101-103):
Godley, Macclesfield, Matley, Mottram-in-Longden-Dale, Newton, Stayley, Tintwistle Micklehurst, Northen-Etchells, Northern or Northenden.

Places on CD 12 (HO107/104-105):
Adlington, Birtles, Bollington, Bosley or Bosly, Butley, Capesthorne, Chelford, Eaton, Fallybroome or Fallibroome, Henbury with Pexhall, Hurdsfield, Kettleshulme, Lyme-Handley, Macclesfield, Macclesfield-Forest, Marton, Prestbury, St Andrew Mottram.

Places on CD 13 (HO107/106-107):
Harrop, Higher Sutton, Lower Withington, Macclesfield, Macclesfield-Forest, Marton, Newton, North Rode, Old Withington, Poynton or Pointon, Pott-Shrigley, Prestbury, Rainow, Rosetherne, Saltersford, Siddington, Snelson, St Andrew Mottram, Tytherington, Upton, Wildboar-Clough, Woodford Worth.

Places on CD 14 (HO107/108):
Bramhall or Bramall, Bredbury, Brinnington, Disley Stanley, Stockport, Stockport Borough.

Places on CD 15 (HO107/109-110):
Dukinfield, Stockport, Stockport Borough.

Places on CD 16 (HO107/111-112):
Etchells or Stockport-Etchells, Hyde, Marple, Norbury, Offerton, Romiley or Chadkirk, Stockport, Stockport Borough.

Places on CDs 17a & 17b (HO107/113):
Stockport, Stockport Borough.

Places on CD 18 (HO107/114-115):
Bollin-Fee, Chorley, Fulshaw, Macclesfield, Pownall-Fee, Stockport, Stockport Borough, Taxall, Torkington, Werneth, Whaley-cum-Yeardsley, Wilmslow.

Places on CD 19 (HO107/116-117):
Acton, Alsager, Alvaston, Aston-juxta-Mondrum, Audlem, Austerson, Baddiley, Baddington, Barthomley (part), Brindley, Buerton, Burland, Cholmondstone, Church Coppenhall, Church Minshull, Cool-Pilate, Coppenhall, Crewe, Dodcot-cum-Wilkesley (part), Edleston or Edalston, Faddiley, Hankelow, Haslington, Henhull, Hurleston, Leighton, Marbury, Marbury with Quoisley, Monk's Coppenhall, Nantwich, Newhall, Norbury, Poole, Stoke, Tittenley, Willaston (part), Wool Stanwood, Worleston.

Places on CD 20 (HO107/118):
Basford, Batherton, Blackenhall, Betchton, Bridgemere, Broomhall, Checkley-cum-Wrinehill, Chorley, Chorlton, Dodcot-cum-Wilkesley (part), Doddington, Hassall, Hatherton, Hough, Hunsterson, Lea, Nantwich, Rope, Sandbach (part), Shavington-cum-Gresty, Sound, Stapeley, Walgherton, Weston, Whitchurch (part), Willaston (past), Wirswall, Wistaston, Wrenbury, Woodcott, Wrenbury with Frith, Wybunbury.

Places on CD 21 (HO107/119-120):
Allostock, Astbury (part), Birches, Brereton-cum-Smethwick, Bugawton, Congleton, Davenport, Great Budworth (part), Hulse, Hulme-Walfield, Lack Dennis, Lostock-Gralam, Moreton-cum-Alcumlow, Nether Peover, Newbold-Astbury, Northwich, Odd-Rode, Radnor, Smallwood, Somerford, Witton-cum-Twambrooks.

Places on CD 22 (HO107/121):
Bostock, Byley-cum-Yatehouse, Church Lawton, Clive or Cliff, Croxton, Davenham, Eaton, Kinderton-cum-Hulme, Leftwich, Middlewich, Minshull-Vernon, Mooresbarrow-cum-Parme, Moulton, Newhall, Newton, Northwich, Occlestone, Ravenscroft, Rudheath, Shipbrook, Shurlach, Sproston, Stanthorne, Stublach, Sutton, Wharton or Winsford, Whatcroft, Wimboldsley.

Places on CD 23 (HO107/122):
Arclid, Blackden, Bradwall, Church-Hulme, Cotton, Cranage, Elton, Goostree-cum-Barnshaw, Kermincham, Leese, Moston, Northwich, Sandbach, Swettenham, Tetton, Twemlow, Warmingham, Wheelock.

Places on CD 24 (HO107/123-125):
Backford, Blacon-cum-Crabhall or Crabwall, Bromborrow (part), Burton, Capenhurst, Chorlton-by-Backford, Craughton or Croghton, Eastham, Great Neston, Great Saughill, Great Stanney, Great Sutton, Holy & Undivided Trinity (part), Hooton, Lea, Ledsham, Leighton, Little Neston, Little Saughill, Little Stanney, Little Sutton, Millington-Tarrant or Great Millington-Tarrant, Mollington-Banastre or Little Mollington-Banastre, Ness, Neston, Nether Pool, Over Pool, Puddington, Raby, Shotwick, Shotwick Park, St Mary on the Hill (part), St Oswald (part), Stanlow, Stoke, Thornton-Childer, Thornton-Hough, Whitby (part), Willaston, Wirrall (Higher Division), Wirrall (Lower Division), Woodbank.

Places on CD 25 (HO107/126-127):
Bidstone, Bidstone-cum-Ford, Birkenhead, Brimstage, Bromborrow (part), Caldy, Claughton-cum-Grange, Frankby, Gayton, Grange, Greasby (part), Great Meolse, Heswall, Heswall-with-Oldfield, Hilbre Island, Hoose or Hoylake, Irby (part), Little Meolse, Moreton-cum-Lingham, Newton-cum-Larton, Saughall-Massey or Saughan-Massie, Thurstaston, Upton or Overchurch, West Kirby, Wirrall (Lower Division).

Places on CD 26 (HO107/128-129):
Arrow, Beeriston, Cathedral Church Precincts, Chester Castle Barracks, Chester Castle Gaol, Chester St Bridget, Irby (part), Landican, Liscard, Noctorum, Oxton, Pensby, Poulton-cum-Seacombe, Prenton, St John the Baptist, St Martin, St Mary on the Hill, St Michael, St Olaves, Thingwell or Thingwall, Wallasey, Wirrall (Lower Division), Woodchurch.

Places on CD 27 (HO107/130):
Chester St Oswald, Holy & Undivided Trinity (part), St Peter, Spittle-Boughton.

Places on CD 28 (HO107/131):
Macclesfield (town) East.

Places on CD 29 (HO107/132):
Macclesfield (town) West.

These CDs have been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be browsed, enlarged and printed out if required. Please note, this CD set is NOT searchable.

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Cheshire 1841 Census


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