Charting for Success: A Research Guide

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 220 pages
Author: H. Hansen, A. Eakle, R. Maness & J. Tanner
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781542771559
Other: b&w photos, maps
Publisher: Family History Expos

Charts are an important tool in research. They not only help visually show the family tree, and in doing so are a great way to get other family interested, but you can use charts to actually help you in your research too. For instance use family group charts to see where you have gaps in your research, photographic charts to show off the family, colour-coded charts to show the different branches, or timelines which help put thing into perspective ... the list goes on.

This research guide is designed to help you learn about charts and how to use them to further your genealogical research. There's a myriad of forms and charts available and the group of authors show you how to use them to analyse your data, giving you a different perspective. Readers are introduced to timelines, family group records, pedigree charts, extract tools, photographs, maps, and more.

Please note: this is a US published book, and while the concepts they teach are useful for anyone anywhere, the examples are all US orientated.

Contributing Professionals
Charting for success: an overview
The timeline research tool
The genealogy extract tool
Charting with photographs: separate and isolate the data
Charting marriages into the census
Charting tax records for pure sold gold
Charting with historical maps
Charting for success: using maps, charts and other tools to successfully build your Germanic and Scandinavian trees
Charting with digital maps part 1
Charting with digital maps part 2
Simple source citations

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Charting for Success: A Research Guide


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