Canada as a National Property, 1926

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: 2004
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

This is an "advertising" book published by the Canadian Government to encourage immigration during the 1920s. To suit this purpose the book provides a great deal of information on the types of employment available in the various areas of the country and on the volume and growth of these industries since 1900.

There are nine colored maps showing the distribution of major industries like agriculture, mining and forestry.

There are also a number of photographs, engravings, tables and diagrams illustrating the types of conditions to be expected by the immigrant.

Of course the living conditions are not neglected and there are also descriptions of things like the geography and the political "climate." A late chapter even describes the recreational opportunities for things like fishing, hiking and sightseeing.

This is an excellent book if you want to get a feel for Canada in the mid 1920s. It clearly is doing a "sales" job and so doesn't discuss the less attractive conditions but on the whole it's a fairly accurate picture of what a settler and his family could expect to find if they decided to take the opportunity to start a new life in the new world.

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Canada as a National Property, 1926


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