Brisbane at War 1899-1918

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 252 pages
Author: Ed. B. Shaw
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781925522648
Other: b&w photos, bibliog, index
Publisher: Brisbane History Group

Brisbane at War 1899-1918 is the another in a series published by Brisbane History Group. In total there are eleven chapters it comprises of papers that were mostly delivered at BHG functions. Two are from a seminar entitled 'For Queen and Empire: Queensland and the South African War 1899–1902' held on 26 May 2012 and seven were delivered at seminars 'Brisbane and World War I' held in September 2014 and October 2015.

Written by amateurs, professionals and academics, the chapters offer a diverse range of subjects. Themes include:

  • the importance of military medicine during the Second South African War
  • the Dutch attitudes and responses to the Boers and British and their decision to adopt a ‘neutral’ position
  • the story of the twelve Brisbane Grammar School old boys who fought in the Second South African War and World War I
  • the increasing activity at the Port of Brisbane as troops embarked for Europe and German raiders ventured into the Pacific
  • the underage enlistees, their motives, their experiences, their fate and the aftermath
  • the paediatricians and paediatric nurses who readily volunteered for duty in World War I
  • the formation of the Women’s Peace Army and its ‘war against war’ … and conscription
  • the influences on Canon John Garland and his design for the Anzac Day service
  • the sorry saga of the Clark Memorial Windows at St John’s Cathedral
  • the response of Brisbane theatre to the changing attitudes of audiences in World War I
  • the opportunities to display patriotism in a range of different performances

1. Military medicine, Queensland asnd the Anglo-Boer War (John Pearn)
2. The reaction of the Netherlands to the Second South African War (Colin Sheehan)
3. The boys of Brisbane Grammar School: Soldiers of the Queen and the King to the Boer War (Diane Melloy)
4. Ripples from a distant war: The Port of Brisbane in the Great War (David Jones)
5. Brisbane's underage volunteers, World War I (John Pearn)
6. Brisbane paediatricians and World War I (John Pearn)
7. A war against war: The Women's Peace Army 1915-1919 (Marianne Taylor)
8. Canon David John Garland: The theological maverick who designed Anzac Day (John Moses)
9. In the light of loss: The forgotten Anzac of St John's Cathedral, Brisbane (Susan E.M. Kellett)
10. 'A monument of unselfish effort': Brisbane's experience of theatre during World War I (Delyse Ryan)
11. Performing patriotism: A reflection on the way Brisbane's theatre companies responded to World War I (Delyse Ryan)


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Brisbane at War 1899-1918


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