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Botany Bay and the First Fleet: The Real Story

Publisher: Black Inc Press

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 528 pages
Author: A. Frost
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781863955546
Other: bibliog, index
Publisher: Black Inc Press

Now in one definitive volume, Botany Bay and the First Fleet is a full, authentic account of the beginnings of modern Australia.

In 1787 a convoy of eleven ships, carrying about 1400 people, set out from England for Botany Bay, on the east coast of New South Wales. In deciding on Botany Bay, British authorities hoped not only to rid Britain of its excess criminals, but also to gain a key strategic outpost and take control of valuable natural resources.

According to the conventional account, it was a shambolic affair: underprepared, poorly equipped and ill-disciplined. Here, Alan Frost debunks these myths, and shows that the voyage was in fact meticulously planned – reflecting its importance to Britain’s imperial and commercial ambitions. In his examination of the ships, passengers and preparation, Frost reveals the hopes and schemes of those who engineered the voyage, and the experiences of those who made it.

The culmination of thirty-five years’ study of previously neglected archives, Botany Bay and the First Fleet offers new and surprising insights into how Australia came to be.

This book contains two books in one: 'Botany Bay: The Real Story' as well as the 'First Fleet: The Real Story'. 

1. Eighteenth-Century England: Crime
2. Eighteenth-Century England: Punishment
3. Dealing with the Convict Problem: Hulks and Enlistment 1776-83
4. The Atlantic Worlds and Beyond: Proposals for Resuming Transportation 1782-84
5. The Lemain Fiasco of 1785
6. Thinking About the Whole Globe
7. Voices Prophesizing War
8. An Overseas Convict Colony: Investment and Return
9. Towards a Decision: August 1786
10. The Decision for Botany Bay


Part 1: Planning a Convict Colony
1. Announcing the Decision
2. The Colony: Society, Law and Governance

Part 2: Assembling the Fleet
3. The People 1: Officials and Officers
4. People 2: Ships' Crews, Marines, Convicts, Wives and Children
5. The Ships
6. Equipping the Colonists
7. Loading the Ships and Embarking the People

Part 3: Preparing to Sail
8. At Portsmouth
9. Preparing Bodies for the Voyage

Part 4. The Voyage
10. Leaving the World

Pat 5. The Cost
11. No Cheaper Mode?

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