Before the Anzac Dawn: A Military History of Australia to 1915

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 368 pages
Author: C. Stockings & J. Connor
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781742233697
Other: index
Publisher: NewSouth Books

If you think Australian military history started on the shores of Gallipoli, this book will change your mind.

'Before the Anzac Dawn' tells the compelling story of Australian military history before any soldier set foot on an obscure Turkish beach in April 1915. Although this national military 'pre-history' has largely been forgotten, warfare and martial culture played a significant role in the lives of Australians long before the landing at Anzac Cove.

Starting with detailed accounts of traditional indigenous warfare and frontier wars between white settlers and Aborigines, 'Before the Anzac Dawn' then examines the creation of colonial navies, the red coats who guarded the colonies, Australians fighting in wars again New Zealand Maori, school cadet and rifle club movements, and expeditions to imperial wars in Sudan and South Africa.

Written by leading experts in their fields and expertly edited by Craig Stockings and John Connor, 'Before the Anzac Dawn' is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the whole story of Australia’s military history.

1. Traditional Indigenous warfare
2. Frontier warfare in Australia
3. British soldiers in colonial Australia
4. The battle for the Eureka Stockade
5. Ausatralian naval defence
6. Australians in the New Zealand Wars
7. The rifle clubs
8. Australia's boy soldiers: The army cadet movement
9. Australians in the wars in Sudan and South Africa
10. Radical nationalists and Australian invasion novels 
11. Edwardian transformation
12. The capture of German New Guinea


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Before the Anzac Dawn: A Military History of Australia to 1915


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