Australia's Dambusters: The Men and the Missions of 617 RAF Squadron

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 278 pages
Author: C. Brown
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780987238733
Other: rev. ed., b&w photos, maps, appendixes, glossary, bibliog, index
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

The history of 617 RAF Squadron (Dambuster) has been told many times but we should take pride int he may Australians who were on the dramatic raids. This book tells their proud and courageous story.

The spectacular raids on the Ruhr dams in Germany were the peak of the Squadron's expoloits but carrying massive 'Tallboy' and 'Grand Slam' bombs they later smashed much of the Nazi infrastructure. One particularly important success was the final sinking of the German battleship, Tirpitz, in a Norwegian Fjord, this leliminating a major naval threat.

It is now 70 years since the Dams Raid and most of hte men involved have left us but Colin Burgess has ensured that we will never forget them.

Colin interviewed many of the original crew members of 617 Squardon and the information he gained enabled the original book the be written and published in 2003. For this updated edition many additional photographs and new information was found, which makes the story of this Squardon even more comprehensive.


Prologue to Part 1
1. Into the night
2. "Apres Moi le Deluge"
3. Dam Raids Battle Order
4. Aircraft Involved in Operation 'Chastie'

Prologue to Part 2
5. A Change of Personnel
6. Kembs Barrage
7. Sink the 'Tirpitz'
8. Grand Slam

Appendix 1. Battle Order: Sink 'Tirpitz'
Appendix 2. The Missions
Appendix 3. Eulogy for David Shannon
Appendix 4. Filming 'The Dam Busters'
Appendix 5. Squadron Song
Glossary and Abbreviations

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Australia's Dambusters: The Men and the Missions of 617 RAF Squadron


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