Australian Shipwrecks: Volume 6 The Australia Run

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 360 pages
Author: J. Loney & P. Stone
Year: 2000
ISBN: 9780909191535
Other: b&w photos, sketches, maps, appendixes, glossary
Publisher: Marine History Publications

The development of the new colonies of Australian and New Zealand is nurtured by the sea, commencing with arrival of the first convicts and free emigrants. Tales of tedious voyages are spiced with vivid and tragic memoried of storm, collision, fire, shipwreck, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of all - the mysterious disappearance of a ship - never heard of again. Each voyage had its own individual tale, sometimes of heroism, sometimes tragedy, of rescue or loss of life.

The 'Tayleur' was wrecked when only two days out of Liverpool, with the loss of some 380 lives. The ;London' foundered when only three days out of Plymouth, taking with her 244 lives. The 'Royal Charter', on her return journey with successful gold prospectors, was only two days from her Liverpool home when she foundered off Wales with the loss of some 427 lives.

Many emigrants endured the months-long voyages across icy seas, only to fall victim to the sea when within sight of a new homeland. The 'Dunbar' came to grief within just miles of the safety of Port Jackson. The loss of the 'Cataraqui' at the entrance to Bass Strait in 1845 remains Australia's greatest civil disaster, although some legitimate claim could be made ten years later when the emigrant ship 'Guiding Star' failed to arrive from England, with the loss of 546 lives; all potential new Australians.

The voyages of ships ploughing through seas of the Great Circle Routs between the British Isles and these distant colonies have been linked with migration, the gold rush, the growth of mercantile commerce and industry, and the evolution of ships and shipping.

This book will no doubt be read with a touch of sadness, and yet with some measure of pride, reminding us that the spirit of adventure and a new life challenged and defeated the grim obstacles of travel to the far reaches of the world, sometimes a a terrible cost.

This book covers voyages to (or from) Australia. It goes into the what the conditions of shipboard life was like, they usual various routes used by the ships, and the trials many that faced any journey.

Section two of this book is a Ships Encyclopedia which consists of a chronological listing of vessels lost on the 'Australia Run'. Starting with the
year 1790 with the loss of the warship 'Sirius' of the First Fleet, and ends with the 1979 loss of the 'Anitra', who was a competitor in the Parmelia race from Plymouth to Fremantle.

The last section consists of a number of appendixes covering a number of topics such as a Geographical Gazette, Glossary, Maps of Australia Ports and more. There are various indexes, such a one for ships, another for shipping companies, people (captains), people (general), place names, general, and lighthouses.

A truly invaluable guide to those interested in Australian shipping and shipwrecks.

Section 1
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Australia Run
 - Convicts
 - Emigration
 - Life on Board
 - Size, Speed and Steam
Chapter 3. Routes to the Antipodes
 - The Admiralty Route
 - Sailing the Great Circle 
 - Via Suez and North Africa
 - The Long Voyage Home
Chapter 4. Hazards of the Run
 - Ice
 - Collision
 - Storms and Gales
 - Dismasting
 - Fire
 - Fever
 - Mutiny and Piracy

Section 2: Ship Encyclopedia
Chronological Listing of Ships Lost on the Australia Run

1. Shipping Companies
2. Great Circle Sailing
3. The Singapore Route
4. Treasure
5. Career of Captain James Nicol Forbes
6. On Board Rules and Regulations
7. Summary of Wrecks on Major Islands
8. Australian Shipwreck Legislation
9. The 'Tryal', Australia's First Recorded Shipwreck
10. Major Loss of Life
11. Australian Lighthouses
12. Ships Mentioned in the Text But Not Included in the Encyclopedia
13. Geographical Gazette
14. Maps of Major Australian Ports of Entry and Approaches
15. Glossary
16. Additional Notes

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Australian Shipwrecks: Volume 6 The Australia Run


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