Australian Doctors at War Volume 4: The Thousand Doors (Middle East & Far East) 1939-1942

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 464 pages
Author: R. Likeman
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781925043426
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendix, roll of honour, index
Publisher: Halstead Press

This is the fourth volume in the "Australian Doctors at War" series and covers the years 1939-42 and the raising of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force. It details the campaigns in North Africa and Syria until the battle of El Alamein, the operations of the 8th Division in Malaya until the Fall of Singapore, and also the lesser expeditionary forces sent by Australia to New Britain, New Ireland, Timor, Ambon, New Caledonia, Nauru and Ocean Island.

Mini-biographies of more than 700 medical officers who took part in these deployments are included. These are arranged in the units in which they served, with notes on the location of these units and the principal operations of their formation.

Author's note
Introduction: The Second Australia Imperial Force
1. Army Headquarters 1939-1942
2. Australia Will Be There
3. The AIF in the United Kingdom
4. 1st Australian Corps
5. The 6th Division
6. 6th Division Brigades
7. Units Under 6th Division Command
8. Field Ambulances of the 6th Division
9. The 7th Division
10. 7th Division Brigades
11. Units Under 7th Division Command
12. Field Ambulances of the 7th Division
13. The 9th Division
14. 9th Division Brigades
15. Units Under 9th Division Command
16. Field Ambulances of the 9th Division
17. 1st Australian Corp
18. Anti-Aircraft Artillery
19. 1st Australian Corps Medical Units
20. Administrative Headquarters AIF (Middle East)
21. Base and Line of Communications Units
22. Hospitals
23. East of Suez
24. The 8th Division
25. 8th Division Brigades
26. Units Under 8th Division Command
27. Field Ambulances of the 8th Division
28. Headquarters AIF (Malaya)
29. Australian General Hospitals (Malaya 1941-42)
30. The South West Pacific Ocean and the Banda Sea
31. Hospital Ships
32. Synposis
 - The Middle East
 - Libya
 - Greece
 - Crete
 - Syria
 - El Alamein (Middle East Command)
 - The Far East (Malaya Command)
 - Biographical Index
 - Roll of Honour
 - Abbreviations
 - Addenda and Corrigenda

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Australian Doctors at War Volume 4: The Thousand Doors (Middle East & Far East) 1939-1942


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