Australian Army Campaign Series No. 30: Salamaua 1943

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 190 pages
Author: P. Bradley
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781922387752
Other: b&w & colour photos, maps, index
Publisher: Army History Unit 

Between the end of the Kokoda campaign in January 1943 and the start of the New Guinea offensives at Lae in early September 1943, the Australian Army was engaged in some of the most intense and challenging fighting of the war for the ridges around Salamaua. Following the defeat of the Japanese offensive against Wau, it was decided to carry the fight to the Japanese force at Salamaua but what started as platoon level actions in April and May 1943 soon developed into company, battalion and brigade level operations for control of the dominating ridge systems around Salamaua. Following an amphibious landing, an American infantry regiment and supporting artillery units were also drawn into the fighting in July 1943. Salamaua 1943 also includes detailed insights into the tenacious Japanese defence of Salamaua, a defence to a threat that in the end was only a feint to draw Japanese forces away from Lae.

Incorporating over 120 photographs from the battlefield including drone footage plus 26 maps and the added detail of 15 sidebars, Salamaua 1943 takes the reader behind what was one of the most complex campaigns of the Pacific War.

List of Maps
Map Symbols
Series Introduction
The strategic situation, March 1943
Australian Order of Battle and supply situation
Japanese Order of Battle and supply situation
2/3 Independent Company at Bobdubi Ridge
17th Brigade operations at Green Ridge
17th Brigade operations at Lababia Ridge
Operation Doublet
US 162nd Regiment operations at Nassau Bay and Mubo
58/59th Battalion at Bobdubi Ridge
2/3rd Independent Company at Goodview Junction
17th Brigade operations at Mubo
2/3rd Independent Company at Ambush Knoll
2/3rd Independent Company at Timbered Knoll
The Salamaua magnet
2/5th Battalion on Mount Tambu
US 162nd Regiment at Mount Tambu
US 162nd Regiment at Roosevelt Ridge
The Oba Raiding Unit
58/59th Battalion at Bobdubi Rudge
The defence of Old Vickers
The Coconuts
Komiatum Ridge
Davidson Ridge
Command issues
Komiatum Track issues
Arnold's Crest
Kunai Spur
Charlie Hill
Rough Hill
Final actions around Salamaua
The cost
Lessons learned
Further reading

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Australian Army Campaign Series No. 30: Salamaua 1943

MSRP: $19.95
You save $3.00

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