Australian Army Campaign Series No. 12: The Landing at Anzac, 1915

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 196 pages
Author: C. Roberts
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781925275025
Other: b&w & colour photos, maps, further reading, index
Publisher: Army History Unit

'The Landing at Anzac, 1915' challenges many of the cherished myths of the most celebrated battle in Australian and New Zealand history - myths that have endured for almost a century. Told from both the Anzac and Turkish perspectives, this meticulously researched account questions several of the claims of Charles Bean’s magisterial and much-quoted Australian official history and presents a fresh examination of the evidence from a range of participants.

Author Chris Roberts takes a forensic look at this iconic battle, providing a tactical analysis of the terrain, scrutiny of the misplaced landing and the two fateful decisions that determined the initial course of the battle, and examines the performance of both Anzac and Turkish commanders and troops. Long considered a ragtag army, the Ottoman forces proved tough, well-trained opponents who outclassed an inadequately trained, inexperienced and poorly prepared Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The Landing at Anzac, 1915 opens with an essential comparative study of the opposing forces and their respective battle plans, pushes through the failure of the Anzacs to exploit their initial success, the bitter fighting at Lone Pine and Bay 700 on the afternoon of 25 April and concludes with the stalemate reached by the evening of 27 April.

The Landing at Anzac, 1915 reaches a carefully argued conclusion in which Roberts draws together the threads of his analysis delivering some startling findings. But the author’s interest extends beyond the simple debunking of hallowed myths, and he produces a number of lessons for the armies of today. This is a book that pulls the Gallipoli campaign into the modern era and provides a compelling argument for its continuing relevance. In short, today’s armies must never forget the lessons of Gallipoli.

Series Introduction
1. The Instuments of Battle
2. Genesis of the Campaign
3. The Opposing Armies
4. Defending the Dardanelles
5. An Amphibious Operation
6. A Misplaced Lading
7. The Plan Unravels
8. Seizing Third Ridge
9. Squaring Off
10. Counter-Attack
11. Stalemate
Appendix 1. Whar was the Intended Landing Site?
Appendix 2. Why the Misplaced Landing?
Appendix 3. Turkish Machine-Guns at the Landin
Appendix 4. Tulloch's Force on Battleship Hill
Appendix 5. Timing of the 27th Regiment's Arrival
Appendix 6. Timing of Kemal's Counter-Attack
Table 1. Timeline
Further Reading

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Australian Army Campaign Series No. 12: The Landing at Anzac, 1915


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