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Media: BOOK - paperback, 56 pages
Author: L. St Denis
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9781894018029
Other: rev. ed., sketches
Publisher: Heritage Productions

Genealogy has over the last few years become the world's fastest growing hobby. Fast such as dates and location of events are necessary. But alone they make for a very dry and boring family history.

It is extremely important to make your family history come alive by recounting the numerous stories and anecdotes that make up your past. Breath life unto your genealogy by recording everything that elderly family members remember about their past.

Unfortunately, these stories are lost forever once our dear ones have passed away. Don't loose those previous memories by letting time pass you by. Record your family stories now, while you still have family members with you, who can recount the past.

This is a book with all the questions to review a complete life story. From the first memories as a young child, right through to the retirement years. It really is a starter with suggested questions you may like to ask your family member/s, so as to record their memories.

Your Family Background
Early Childhood Years
Early School Years
High School Years
College and University Years
Through the Years
Leaving Home
Your Jobs and Careers
Your Marriage
Your Children
Your Travels
Religious Beliefs
Traditions and Celebrations
Historical Events
Your Political Views
The Wars and the Great Depression
Your Hobbies and Interests
Where You Are At Now

1 Review
  • Ask Lots of Questions Get Lots of Answers

    Posted by Joyce on 22nd Nov 2020

    Not much to it, but very thought-provoking and will add to the experience of the family history writer.

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Ask Lots of Questions, Get Lots of Answers


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