An Australian Band of Brothers: Don Company, Second 43rd Battalion, 9th Division

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 464 pages
Author: M. Johnston
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781742235721
Other: b&w photos, map, bibliog, index
Publisher: NewSouth Books

This riveting book follows a small group of Australian front line soldiers from their enlistment in the dark days of 1940 to the end of World War II. No ordinary soldiers, they were members of Don Company of the Second 43rd Battalion, part of the famous 9th Australian Division, which during campaigns in Tobruk, El Alamein, New Guinea and Borneo sustained more casualties and won more medals than any other Australian division.

It is an evocative and detailed account of the day-to-day war of three infantry soldiers whose experiences included night patrols at Tobruk, advancing steadily through German barraged at Alamein, charging enemy machine guns in New Guinea and repelling Japanese charges on Borneo.

Inspired by American historian Stephen Ambrose's landmark book, 'Bank of Brothers' about the US Army's Easy Company of the 506th Regiment, Mark Johnston, one of Australia's best military historians, gives an Australian company the same treatment. 

Using the frank and detailed personal letters, diaries and memoirs of three Australian soldiers, he brings to life their campaigns, battles and interactions with their comrades and enemies. His book is a unique and powerful account of the everyday experiences of a small unit of soldiers on the front line.

List of Maps
1. Rookies at Woodside (June-December 1940)
2. Voyage to the Middle East (30 December 1940-2 February 1941)
3. Egypt and Palestine (February-March 1941)
4. Tobruk: Into battle (March-April 1941)
5. Tobruk under siege (May-July 1941)
6. Tobruk: The Salient (July-August 1941)
7. Tobruk: Rest - in peace (August 1941)
8. Çombo': 'The type to lead Australian soldiers'? (March-August 1941)
9. Tobruk: The last months (August-October 1941)
10. Palestine and Syria (October 1941-June 1942)
11. Egypt: Raid on Rommel (21 June-11 July 1942)
12. Ruin Ridge: Clash by night (12-28 July 1942)
13. El Alamein: Preparing for the big push (July-22 October 1942)
14. El Alamein: The greatest battle begins (23-31 October 1942)
15. Alamein in November: The greatest challenge (1-6 November 1942)
16. To Australia and jungle training (7 November 1942-8 August 1943)
17. New Guinea: Lae (9 August-26 September 1943)
18. New Guinea: Jivevaneng (27 September-17 October 1943)
19. New Guinea: To Pabu and beyond (18 October 1943-January 1944)
20. Australia and the road to Borneo (February 1944-June 1945)
21. Borneo: Labuan and Beaufort (10 June 1945-February 1946)

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An Australian Band of Brothers: Don Company, Second 43rd Battalion, 9th Division


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