An Account of the Colony of South Australia (book)

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 105 pages
Author: F. Sinnett
Year: (1862) 1979
ISBN: 0858623360
Other: fold-out maps
Publisher: Austaprint

This account of the colony of South Australia was a semi-official publication, having been 'published under the authority of the South Australian government' for the Great International Exhibition of 1862 held in London.

Written only 26 years after proclamation this book gives an accurate account of the facts of South Australian colonization along with an interesting presentation of the social and political issues present in the colony over this time period.

The book reports on and analyses many areas of the state's history including: its early history, constitutional & political changes, geography, immigration, professional & labour classes, Adelaide, mines, religion & education, public works & institutions and the Real Property Act.

This is a facsimile copy of the original 1862 edition and is number 007 out of a limited reprint of 500 copies. 

Condition: This book is secondhand, but is in excellent condition, but does have a name stamp in the back.

Map of South Australia
1. History of the Colony
2. Constitutional and Political Changes
3. General Description of the Colony
4. Emigration, Wages, Provisions &c.
5. Opportunities and Prospects of Various Classes
6. The City of Adelaide
7. Mines
8. Religion and Education
9. Public Works and Public Institutions
10. The Real Property Act


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An Account of the Colony of South Australia (book)

MSRP: $95.00
You save $20.00

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