All the King's Enemies: A History of the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion 1939-1945

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 436 pages
Author: S. Trigellis-Smith
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780731610204
Other: b&w photos, maps, nominal roll, bibliog, index
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

The title, 'All the King's Enemies' has a special significance, because 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalio and 2/3rd Battalion, were the only two to be in action against all the King's enemies during World War Two. The 2/5th's soldiers fought the campaigns in Libya against the Italians, in Greece against the Germans, in Syria against the Vichy French and in New Guinea against the Japanese.

Raised in Melbourne in October 1939 as part of 17 Brigade, 6 Division, the 2/5th sailed for the Middle East in April 1940 and took part in Australia's first battle at Bardia in 1941. They were still in action in New Guinea with the war finished. Nearly 3000 young men served with the battalion during six years of warm including 49 sets of brothers and one father and son.

The battalion's Battle Honours reveal their many actions: North Africa 1940-42; Bardia 1941; Capture of Tobruk 1941; Greece 1941; Syria 1941; Merjauyn, Damour, South West Pactific 1942-45; Wau; Bobdubi II; Mubo II; Mount Tambu; Komiatum, Liberation of Australian New Guinea; Perimbil; Balif; Yamil-Ulupu; Kapoibus-Kiarivu.

A member of the unit summed up the service of the 2/5th when he wrote "we won no Victoria Crosses, we were not famous but we proved ourselves at Bardia and for sheer dependability and duty well done, we have no better.' This is the history of a fine battalion and the men who served in it when the country and free world was in need.

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1. Transition from Peace to War
- October 1939 - December 1940
2. A Rude Awakening
- Libya: January 1941 - April 1941
- Casualties
- Honours and Awards<br<
3. A Kick in the Pants
- Greece - Crete: April 1941
- Casualties
- Honours and Awards
4. They Missed the Boat
- Greece - Crete and Greatr Germany: 1941-1945
- POW List
5. No Respite
- Syria: May 1941 - July 1941
- Casualties
- Honours and Awards
6. The Garrison Battalion
- Syria - Ceylon - Australia: July 1941 - October 1942
7. The Weary Months
- Milne Bay - Wau - Salamaua - Australia: October 1942 - September 1943
- Casualtues
- Honours and Awards
8. Marking Time
- Atherton Tablelands: September 1943 - November 1944
9. To Newe Guine Again
- Aitape - Wewak: November 1944 to August 1945
- Casualties
- Honours and Awards
Appendix 1. New Guinea - The Japanese Side
Appendix 2. Honour Roll - Alphabetical
Appendix 3. Wounded - Alphabetical
Appendix 4. Honours and Awards
Appendix 5. Nominal Roll - Those Who Served
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All the King's Enemies: A History of the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion 1939-1945


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