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Air Force Records: A Guide for Family Historians

Publisher: The National Archives

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: W. Spencer
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9781905615254
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, further reading, index
Publisher: The National Archives

This practical and accessible guide shows how to explore British air forces –and ancestors who served in them – through the wealth of material at The National Archives and elsewhere. Thoroughly revised and updated, it covers air forces as varied as the Royal Engineers Balloon Section, the Royal Flying Corps, the RAF and WRAF, Fleet Air Arm, Glider Pilot Regiment and Royal Naval Air Service.

All aspects of air force records are considered from operational record book and unit war diaries to individual service records, medal rolls, gallantry awards and casualty lists. Campaigns featured range from the Boer War and two World Wars to Korea, Kenya and Suez, as well as RAF interwar actions such as Mesopotamia (Iraq), Persia, Somaliland and Russia.

Written by a military specialist and adviser on family history, 'Air Force Records' charts new and imminent record releases, including any now available online. Whether you are tracing an ancestor, squadron, air base of campaign, it is an invaluable guide to Britain's air force past.

Using The National Archives
1. Military Flying up to 1914
 - The Royal Engineers and their Balloons
 - The Royal Flying Corps
 - The Royal Naval Air Service
2. Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force up to 1918
 - The Royal Flying Corps
 - The Royal Naval Air Service 
 - The Royal Air Force and Women's Royal Air Force
3. Royal Air Force, Fleet Air Arm, Glider Pilot Regiment and Army Air Corps from 1919
 - The Royal Air Force
 - The Fleet Air Arm
 - The Glider Pilot Regiment and Army Air Corps
4. Royal Engineers Balloon Section Records of Service
 - Officers
 - Other Ranks
 - Case Studies
5. Royal Flying Corps Records of Service
 - Officers
 - Airmen
 - Case Studies
6. Royal Naval Air Service Records of Service
 - Officers
 - Ratings
 - Case Studies
7. Royal Air Force and Women's Royal Air Force Records of Service
 - Officers
 - Airmen
 - Women's Royal Air Force
 - Special Operations Executive 
 - Case Study
8. Operational Records
 - Royal Engineers Balloon Section
 - Royal Flying Corps
 - Royal Naval Air Service
 - Royal Air Force:  First World War
 - Royal Air Force: Inter-Years
 - Royal Air Force: Second World War and After
 - Fleet Air Arm
 - Glider Pilot Regiment and Army Air Corps: Second World War and After
9. Casualties and Air Crashes
 - Casualties
 - Air Crashes
10. Medals and Awards
 - Royal Engineers Balloon Section: Campaign Medals
 - Royal Flying Corps: Campaign Medals
 - Royal Naval Air Service: Campaign Medals
 - Royal Air Force: Campaign Medals
 - Awards for Gallantry and Meritorious Service
 - Royal Air Force Awards
 - Fleet Air Arm Awards
 - Glider Pilot Regiment and Army Air Corps Awards
 - 'The London Gazette'
 - Long Service Awards
 - Coronation and Jubilee Medals
11. Courts Martial
 - Admiralty Records
 - War Office Records
 - Air Ministry Records
 - Supreme Court Records
12. Prisoners of War and War Crimes
 - First World War
 - Second World War
 - War Crimes
 - Missing Personnel
13. Medical Records
 - Records up to 1938
 - Inter-war Records
 - Second World War Records
 - Post-Second World War Medical Records
14. Photographs
15. Records Held by Other Institutions
 - Fleet Air Arm Museum
 - Royal Engineers Museum
 - Airbourne Forces Museum
 - Imperial War Museum
 - Royal Air Force Museum
 - Commonwealth War Graves Commission
16. Research Techniques
 - Printed Sources
 - 'The London Gazette' Online
 - Aids to Research
Appendix 1. RAF Ranks
Appendix 2. Useful Addresses
Appendix 3. Unit Abbreviations
Appendix 4. Royal Naval Air Stations
Appendix 5. Command and Organizations found in AIR24
Appendix 6. Regimental Order of precedence
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