A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos: Organize Your Printed Photos Once and For All

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 108 pages
Author: M. Bartelt
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780997813616
Publisher: Pixologie

Do you have boxes, envelopes, or albums of old photographs, that you need to do something with, but you need a plan of attack? Mollie Bartlett has written this book for everyone who needs a starting point to get a handle on their photo mess. 
It covers the important questions such as: which photos should I keep? What do I need to sort my pictures? and how do I make sure my photos are safe? Follow the system and Mollie's suggestions and your photos will be safe to pass on to your family.
 - A little background
 - How to use this book
1 Why save your photos?
 - Photos inspire
 - Photos strengthen
 - Photos celebrate traditions and more
 - Photos connect generations
 - Storm, fire & theft
2. What you need to organize your photos
 - Time commitment
 - Space requirement
 - Tools
3. Which photos should you keep?
 - General recommendations
4. How to organize your photos
 - Step 1. Bring it all together
 - Step 2. Organize by major category
 - Step 3. Break major categories down
 - Step 4. Final review
 - Special note: slides and negatives
5. How to save your photos
 - Scanning your photos
 - Creating two back-ups of your photos
6. How to save your digital photos
 - Bringing all the digital together
 - Steps for saving your digital photos
 - Naming your digital file folders
 - Adding scanned photos to your digital collection
 - Backing up your digital photos
 - iCloud considerations
 - Other online or 'cloud' storage
7. Client stories
 - Lori's photo closet
 - Eileen's favourite memory of being 83
Appendix A. About Pixologie
Appendix B. Best practices for your memories


2 Reviews
  • Uncomplicated Photo Organisation

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 11th Jan 2021

    Like many family historians, I've put off sorting my thousands of photos accumulated over a lifetime. This has become more complex with the advent of digital photos. This little book, with its clear steps, helpful illustrations and plenty of simple options has motivated me to at last make a start. With this guide, I'm progressing well. While it indicates on the cover it's for organising printed photos, it has a chapter for digital photos as well. I love this book and am referring to it often as I sort.

  • easy to read

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2020

    still reading and highlighting information. easy to read.

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A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos: Organize Your Printed Photos Once and For All


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