A Pauper's History of England: 1000 Years of Peasants, Beggars and Guttersnipes

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 184 pages
Author: P. Stubley
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781783376117
Other: b&w photos, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

What would English history look like from the gutter? The past is traditionally told from the viewpoints of kings and queens, politicians and pioneers. But what about the people struggling to survive at the very lowest levels of society? Surely the poor are just as much a part of our heritage?

"A Pauper's History of England" covers 1000 years of poverty from Domesday right up to the twentieth century, via the Black Death and the English Civil War. It uses contemporary sources to give the reader an idea of just what life was like for the peasants, paupers and beggars as England developed from a feudal society into a world power.

Experience the past from difference perspectives:
- Tour Domesday England in 1086
- Take the Francisan vow of Poverty
- Join the Peasant's Revolt of 1281
- Lean beggar's slang in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I
- Visit the inmates of Bedlam hospital and Bridewall prison
- Encounter Goergian gin-sellers, prostitutes and debtors
- Talk to poverty-stricken stocking-makers during the Luddite riots
- Spend the night in a workhouse
- Go slumming in Victorian London


List of Plates
1. Domeday
2. The King of the Poor
3. Mendicants
4. Black Death
5. Rebellion
6. To the Spital House
7. The Counterfeit Crank
8. A Census of the Poor
9. Bridewell
10. Witch Hunt
11. At the Fair
12. Bedlam
13. The Common Side
14. Gin
15. Foundlings
16. Night Walkers
17. The Black Poor
18. Poor Stockingers
19. The Workhouse
20. Immigrants
21. Street Orphans
22. The Casual Ward
23. Sleeping Rough
Notes and Sources

1 Review
  • Excellent read

    Posted by Terry Bolger on 23rd Oct 2018

    Very interesting reading and an education of life before the welfare state. A greater understanding of the struggles and hardships of our ancestors.

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A Pauper's History of England: 1000 Years of Peasants, Beggars and Guttersnipes


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