A Most Unusual Regiment: A History of Melbourne University Regiment

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 206 pages
Author: M. Ryan
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780980379662
Other: b&w photos, appendix, bibliog, index
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

Melbourne University Regiment approaches the centenary of its foundation as part of an Army changed beyond recognition in the past hundred years.

Despite reorganisations, resource shortages and vagaries of policy, it has continued its production of leaders for all three services and the civil community with success, professionalism and a unique flair.

The Regiment has never fought as a formed unit and its colours show no battle honours, although MUR graduates and present members have served and frequently distinguished themselves in, every major commitment of Australia's armed forces since Federation.

Past members include two Governors-General, two Prime Ministers and a Leader of the Opposition, three state Premiers, five Governors and a Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, two full Generals and Major- or Lieutenant-Generals (including three Chiefs of Reserves) and over ten thousand officers for the services.

The Regiment has consistently played its part in the national defence and in shaping the attitudes of its community to the frequently-vexed question of participation in the process.

List of Photographs
1. 'One's First Official Dress' 1884-1910
2. 'The Belligerent Dons' 1906-1914
3. 'The Battle Afar Off' 1914-1918
4. 'Ha! Ha! Amid the Trumpets' 1914-1941
5. 'The Thunder of the Captains' 1941-1945
6. 'The Green Years' 1945-1959
7. 'The Ladies, God Bless 'em ...'
8. 'An Uncertain Trumpet' 1960-1976
9. 'The Lean Years' 1976-2005
Appendix 1. Lineage of the Melbourne University Regiment
Appendix 2. Honorary Colonels
Appendix 3. Commanding Officers
Appendix 4. Regimental Badges and Uniforms Embellishments
Appendix 5. Regimental Colours
Appendix 6. Affiliations
Appendix 7. The Melbourne University Rifles Association
Appendix 8. A Regimental Song

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A Most Unusual Regiment: A History of Melbourne University Regiment


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