A McCurdy Family History

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: H. Blanchard
Year: 2005
ISBN: 1897338481
Publisher: Archive CD Books Canada

Not one but two McCurdy family history books on one CD! Both books were written by H. Percy Blanchard (a family name strongly related to the McCurdys), both books were privately published in England and are of a very high publication quality. It is quite clear that the books were intended to compliment each other so the publishers feel the reproduction of both on the same CD is completely appropriate.

The primary book is "The McCurdys of Nova Scotia" and provides a very complete chronicle of the family from Alexander (the Pioneer) McCurdy who was the first of the line to land in Nova Scotia, through to the generation contemporary with the publication of these books in 1930. While this branch of the McCurdy clan made its first home in Nova Scotia, subsequent generations have spread all over the North American continent. In addition to following the McCurdy name the author has also included chapters on the Archibald family and on Mrs Alexander Graham Bell, the daughter of a McCurdy girl.

The second book is "The Ancestral McCurdys" which traces the ancient origins of the McCurdy clan to the ancestral homes in Scotland and then Ireland. The earliest ancestor identified is "Chief Gilkrist Makurerdy" a name which uses both the ancient form of the modern "Mc" and "Mac" (son of) and an "interesting" spelling of his progenitor's name, a name which the author concludes was "Reuda," a known clan leader.

Research into such an important name has continued and still continues and, as might be expected, some errors made by the authors have been exposed. The publishers have not made an exhaustive search for information on such errors but a few that have come to light have been recorded in the publication notes.

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A McCurdy Family History


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