A Handbook of Dates: For Students of British History

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 270 pages
Author: C. Cheney & M. Jones
Year: (1945) 2004
ISBN: 9780521778459
Other: 2nd ed., bibliog, index 
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

'A Handbook of Dates' is an unrivalled reference book for historians. It provides in clear, user-friendly form, tables which allow the calculation of the dates (and days) on which historical events have fallen or will fall, from AD 500 to 2100.

It describes the calendars and other systems used for dating purposes in England from Roman times to the present, including regnal years. Lists of Easter dates, saints' days, popes, rulers of England and the Roman calendar are also given.

Originally written and published back in 1945 by the late C.R. Cheney, this updated and expanded edition has been edited by Professor Michael Jones, and the introductory materials for each set of tables has been revised. New tables for legal chronology, old and new style dates, Celtic Easter, adoption of Gregorian style, and the French Revolutionary calendar have been added, while the existing Anglo-Saxon regnal lists have been significantly revised.

'A Handbook of Dates' is an essential tool for all researchers in British history.

Preface to the new edition
Preface to the original edition (1945)
Select bibliography
1. Reckoning of time
 - The Julian calendar: old style
 - The year
 - The date of Easter
 - The beginning of the year of grace
 - Fractions of the day
 - The Gregorian calendar: new style
2. Rulers of England and regnal years
 - Rulers of England from the English settlement to AD1154
 - Regnal years of rulers from AD1154
 - Exchequer years of English rulers
3. List of Popes
 - St Peter and hist successors to AD590
 - From Gregory the Great to John Paul II
4. Saints' days and festivals used in dating
 - List of saints' days and other festivals
 - Saints' days in annual chronological order
 - Days of the week
 - The dating of episcopal acta
5. Legal chronology
 - The limit of legal memory
 - Limitations of actions
 - The law terms
 - The exchequer of pleas
 - Chancery and Star Chamber
 - Parliament and statutes
 - County court days
 - The terms of the Court of Arches
 - Other ecclesiastical and civilian courts
 - Tables of law terms from AD1066 to AD1830
6. The Roman calendar
7. Celtic and Roman (Alexandrian) Easter days, AD400-768
8. Calendars for all possible dates of Easter, AD400-2100
9. Easter days according to Old Style, AD400-1752
10. Easter days according to New Style, AD1583-2100
11. The English calendar for 1752
12. Dates of adoption of the Gregorian calendar in Europe
13. The French Revolutionary calendar


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A Handbook of Dates: For Students of British History


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