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IET0068   The Register of Derry Cathedral 1642-1703
GB8114   The Register of St Martin in the Fields, London 1619-1636
GB8115   The Register of the Temple Church, London
GB8067   The Registers at St George's Chapel, Mayfair 1740-1754
GB8060   The Registers of Bath Abbey 1569-1800
GB8034   The Registers of Charterhouse Chapel
GB8058   The Registers of Durham Cathedral
GB8066   The Registers of Kensington 1539-1675
GB8047   The Registers of St Benedict and St Peter, Paul's Wharf, London
GB8108   The Registers of St Clement, Eastcheap and St Martin Orgar, London
GB8050   The Registers of St George, Hanover Square, London 1725-1837
GB8110   The Registers of St Katherine by the Tower, London
GB8106   The Registers of St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, London
GB8113   The Registers of St Margaret's, Westminster, London
GB8061   The Registers of St Martin in the Fields, London 1550-1619
GB8070   The Registers of St Martin Outwich 1670-1873
GB8105   The Registers of St Mary Mounthaw, London
GB8104   The Registers of St Mary Somerset, London
GB8065   The Registers of St Mary, Aldermary, London, 1558-1754
GB8112   The Registers of St Matthew, Friday Street, London
GB8068   The Registers of St Michael, Cornhill 1546-1754
GB8042   The Registers of St Mildred, Bread Street, London 1658-1853
GB8040   The Registers of St Olave, Hart Street, London 1563-1700
GB8057   The Registers of St Paul's Cathedral
GB8041   The Registers of St Stephen's Walbrook and St Benet Sherehog, London
GB8069   The Registers of St Thomas the Apostle, London 1558-1754
GB8055   The Registers of St Vedast and St Michael le Quern, London
GB8063   The Registers of Stourton, Wiltshire 1570-1800
ARA149   The Returns for Yorkshire West Riding of the Poll Tax 1379
CA0070   The Reverend Richard Bradford (Family History)
ARA152   The Rise and Progress of Wesleyan Methodism in Accrington and the Neighbourhood, Lancashire
AND276   The River Trade: Wool and Steamers
HLS016   The River: Sydney Cove to Parramatta
AU4014   The Roads of Queensland 1913
GB1152   The Robins or Robbins Family of England
ARA033   The Roffensian Register, Kings School, Kent 1835-1920
AMH009   The Royal Australian Corps of Transport: A History of Australian Army Transport 1973-2000
RSN029   The Royal Australian Navy and MacArthur
IE0352   The Royal Irish Constabulary Collection
CA0100-1   The Royal Montreal Regiment (14th Battalion C.E.F.) 1914-1925
CA0100-s   The Royal Montreal Regiment 1914-1925 and 1925-1945 Set
CA0100-2   The Royal Montreal Regiment 1925-1945
SCPG226   The Rulers of Strathspey: A History of the Lairds of Grant and Earls of Seafield
SCPG420   The Ruthven of Freeland Peerage and its Critics
SCPG124   The Saint-Clairs of the Isles
SCPG423   The Sampson Family
PHI131   The Saxon House of Eldred
IET0046   The Scot in Ulster 1888
IET0061   The Scotch-Irish
IE0056   The Scotch-Irish in America
SCPG276   The Scotch-Irish in America
SCPG125   The Scotch-Irish McElroys in America 1717-1900
SCPG275   The Scotch-Irish, or the Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America
NSU058   The Scots in Australia
SCPG278   The Scots in Germany and The Scots in Eastern and Western Prussia
SCPG130   The Scots Peerage
BIR025   The Scots: A Genetic Journey
AU9700-1910   The Scottish Australasian 1910
AU9700-1911   The Scottish Australasian 1911
AU9700-1912   The Scottish Australasian 1912
AU9700-1913   The Scottish Australasian 1913
AU9700-1914   The Scottish Australasian 1914
AU9700-1915   The Scottish Australasian 1915
AU9700-1916   The Scottish Australasian 1916
AU9700-1917   The Scottish Australasian 1917
AU9700-1918   The Scottish Australasian 1918
AU9700C-1910   The Scottish Australasian Compendium 1910-1918
GB1137   The Scottish Clans and their Tartans
MCH001   The Scottish Family Tree Detective: Tracing Your Ancestors in Scotland
SCPG133   The Scottish Gael or, Celtic Manners as Preserved Among the Highlanders
SCPG135   The Scottish House of Roger
BKS024   The Scottish Regiments
HCP018   The Search for the 'Sydney': How Australia's Greatest Maritime Mystery Was Solved
AND286   The Second World War and its Australian Army Battle Honours
SCPG138   The Setts of the Scottish Tartans
SCPG394   The Seven Sons of the Provost
HES109   The Shearers' War: The Story of the 1891 Shearers' Strike
ARA220   The Sherborne Register, Dorsetshire 1823-1892
GB0926   The Sheriff Court Book of Fife 1515-1522
HAC001   The Ship Thieves: James Porter, Australian Convict, Pirate and Master Mariner
HAL001   The Shores of Gallipoli: Naval Aspects of the Anzac Campaign
PER312   The Silk Industry
NZ0013   The Six Colonies of New Zealand 1851
ARA123   The Slang Dictionary: Or The Vulgar Words, Street Phrases, and 'Fast' Expressions of High and Low Society
PER181   The Slate Industry
IET0029   The Sligo Chronicle Almanac and Directory for 1878
BKS081   The Small Isles: Canna, Rum, Eigg and Muck
ARA080   The Society of Friends in Bradford, Yorkshire: A Record of 270 Years
NSU033   The Somme
ANC039   The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy
AU5011   The South Australian Company: A Study in Colonisation
HGB005   The Spirit of Gallipoli: The Birth of the Anzac Legend
HGB006   The Spirit of Kokoda: Then and Now
BOO069   The St Helena Story: An Illustrated History of Colonial Queensland's Island Prison
AND287   The States of a Nation: The Politics and Surveys of the Australian State Borders
AU9005   The Stepping Stone to Homoeopathy and Health
SCPG358   The Stewarts of Appin
TEM514   The Stewarts: Kings and Queens of Scotland 1371-1625
CA0087   The Story of Dundas (Ontario) 1905
GB1139   The Story of Glasgow
IE0364   The Story of Ireland: A Narrative of Irish History from the Earliest Ages to the Insurrection of 1867
AU7023   The Story of Melbourne
GAR060   The Streets of London: The Booth Notebooks Vol. 1 South East London
ALL143   The Strength of a Nation
GB1211   The Striding Dales
PEN276   The Surgeon of Crowthorne: A Tale of Murder, Madness and the Oxford English Dictionary
THP034   The Surnames Handbook: A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century
COU110   The Surrey Village Book
NSU004   The Sydney Ferry Book
NHP007   The Sydney Harbour Bridge: 75 Fascinating Facts
CA0127   The Talbot Settlement Centenary Celebration 1903
SCPG148   The Tartan Spotter's Guide
PVT007   The Teapot Genies Family Tree Checklist
PNS239   The Territorials 1908-1914: A Guide for Military and Family Historians
AND310   The Territory: The Classic Saga of Australia's Far North
PENU005   The Tin Ticket: The Heroic Journey of Australia's Convict Women
PHI136   The Titford Family 1547-1947: Come Wind, Come Weather
IE5048   The Topographer and Genealogist
IE5062   The Traditions of Lancashire (1st Series)
IE5124   The Traditions of Lancashire (2nd Series)
CA0092   The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland (and Other Great Sea Disasters) 1914
PHI121   The Treffry Family
COU030   The Trench: Life and Death on the Western Front 1914-1918
CSP001   The Troubleshooters Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy: Advanced Techniques for Overcoming Obstacles, Removing Roadblocks and Unlocking Your Family History!
SCPG407   The Tyries of Drumkilbo, Dunnideer and Lunan
SCPG287   The Ulster Scot: His History and Religion
SCPG321   The Unclaimed and Unnamed Tartans
PHI194   The Union Workhouse: A Study Guide for Teachers and Local Historians
GIN003   The Vandiemonians: From Penal Settlements to Marvellous Melbourne
AND324   The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline
GB1101   The Vestry Minute Book of the Parish of Stratford-on-Avon 1617-1699
HES127   The Veterans: A History of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia 1850-1880
DWAA01   The Victoria County History of England: General Introduction Supplement 1970-90
SHI079   The Victorian Asylum
SHI066   The Victorian Cemetery
SHI084   The Victorian Home
SHI007   The Victorian Hospital
SHI077   The Victorian Schoolroom
SHI094   The Victorian Soldier
SHI078   The Victorian Workhouse
HAC002   The Vietnam Years: From the Jungle to the Australian Suburbs
GAR082   The Villages of Hertfordshire
GAR083   The Villages of Suffolk
GAR084   The Villages of Surrey
GB0595   The Violin: Its History and Construction
GB8117   The Visitation of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 1686
SNSR02   The Visitation of Surrey 1530, 1572 and 1623
SNYK02   The Visitation of Yorkshire 1666
AMH025   The Vital Factor: A History of 2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment 1941-1946
AND429   The Voyage of their Life: The Story of the S.S. Derna and its Passengers
PHI139   The Wagners of Brighton
SLO014   The War At Sea
PVT032   The Warrens: "Springfield" and Beyond
COU111   The Warwickshire Village Book
PER207   The Waterloo Campaign: June 1815
TUR002   The Watermen of Sydney: Memories of a Working Harbour
MUP031   The Weather Watchers: 100 Years of the Bureau of Meteorology
GB0900   The Welsh People
SCPG378   The West of Scotland in History: Being Brief Notes Concerning Events, Family Tradition, Topography and Institutions
AND338   The West Tamar People: The Story of the Early Settlement and its Well-Established Families
SIM005   The Western Front Diaries: The Anzacs' Own Story Battle by Battle
SCPG310   The Western Isles: Their History, Traditions and Place-Names
ARA371   The Whitby Chartulary Volumes 1 and 2
SLO015   The White Gurkhas: The Australians At the Second Battle of Krithia, Gallipoli
PHI140   The Wigg Family
GBB020   The William Kelly Clein
PNS254   The Wills of Our Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians
CA0081   The Winslow Papers AD 1776 - 1826
WHA001   The Wolf: How One German Raider Terrorised Australia and the Southern Oceans in the First World War
IE5097   The Woman's Book
COU113   The Worcestershire Village Book
THP043   The Workhouse Encyclopedia
PHL720   The Worthingtons of Failsworth and their Descendants
HES145   The Wreck of the Barque Stefano on the North-West Cape of Australia in 1875
AND490   The Wreck of the Sailing Ship 'Netherby': A Miracle of Survival
HCP005   The Wreckers: A Story of Killing Seas, False Lights and Plundered Ships
PEN314   The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium
AMH077   The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion RAR in South Vietnam 1969-70
SCPG406   The Yellowlees Family
IE5118   The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association: Record Series Volume 1
AU9004   The Young Woman's Companion
AU2016   Then and Now: Historic Roads Round Sydney
AU0062   These Eagles: Story of the R.A.A.F. at War
GGJEB002   They Came Direct: Immigrant Boats Direct to the Port of Wide Bay: Ariadne 1862
JOH009   They Came Direct: Immigrant Boats Direct to the Port of Wide Bay: Prince Consort 1864
JOH030   They Came Direct: Immigrant Boats Direct to the Port of Wide Bay: Reichstag 1871
GGJEB034   They Came Direct: Immigration Boats Direct to the Port of Wide Bay: Reichstag 1873
GGJEB003   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Beejapore 1863
GGJEB004   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Caesar Godeffroy 1862
GGJEB047   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Cairngorm 1863
GGJEB005   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Chatsworth 1862
GGJEB006   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: City of Brisbane 1862
GGJEB007   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Clifton 1862
GGJEB008   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: David McIvor 1863
GGJEB048   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Duke of Newcastle 1862
GGJEB009   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Erin-go-Bragh 1862
GGJEB010   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Everton 1863
GGJEB011   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Fiery Star 1863
GGJEB012   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Flying Cloud 1863
GGJEB014   They Came Direct: Immigration Vessels to Queensland: Gloucester 1873

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