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SCPG415   McKean Historical Notes being Records relating Chiefly to the MacIan-MacDonalds
MAMS001   Me & My Big Ideas Family Tree Stickers
AU0121-1915   Medical Directory 1915
IET0040   Medical Directory for Ireland 1852
US0226   Medical Lexicon: A Dictionary of Medical Science
AU2121-1903   Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Directory of New South Wales 1903
HES082   Meekatharra: End of the Earth
AU7117-1858   Melbourne Almanac and General Intelligencer 1858 (Williams)
AU7118-1936   Melbourne and Suburbs Street Directory 1936 (Collins)
AU7118-1937   Melbourne and Suburbs Street Directory 1937 (Collins)
AU7118-1949   Melbourne and Suburbs Street Directory 1949 (Collins)
AU7118-1954   Melbourne and Suburbs Street Directory 1954 (Collins)
AU7116-1854   Melbourne Commercial and Squatters Directory 1854 (Butterfield)
AU7116-1859   Melbourne Directory 1859 (Tanner)
AU7113-1860   Melbourne Directory 1860 (Sands and Kenny)
AU7113-1861   Melbourne Directory 1861 (Sands and Kenny)
AU7113-1862   Melbourne Directory 1862 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1863   Melbourne Directory 1863 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1864   Melbourne Directory 1864 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1865   Melbourne Directory 1865 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1866   Melbourne Directory 1866 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1867   Melbourne Directory 1867 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1868   Melbourne Directory 1868 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1869   Melbourne Directory 1869 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1870   Melbourne Directory 1870 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1871   Melbourne Directory 1871 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1872   Melbourne Directory 1872 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1873   Melbourne Directory 1873 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1874   Melbourne Directory 1874 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1875   Melbourne Directory 1875 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1876   Melbourne Directory 1876 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1877   Melbourne Directory 1877 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1878   Melbourne Directory 1878 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1879   Melbourne Directory 1879 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1880   Melbourne Directory 1880 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1881   Melbourne Directory 1881 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1882   Melbourne Directory 1882 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1884   Melbourne Directory 1884 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1892   Melbourne Directory 1892 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1893   Melbourne Directory 1893 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1896   Melbourne Directory 1896 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1897   Melbourne Directory 1897 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1898   Melbourne Directory 1898 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1899   Melbourne Directory 1899 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1900   Melbourne Directory 1900 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1901   Melbourne Directory 1901 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1903   Melbourne Directory 1903 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1904   Melbourne Directory 1904 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1905   Melbourne Directory 1905 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1906   Melbourne Directory 1906 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1907   Melbourne Directory 1907 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1910   Melbourne Directory 1910 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113-1911   Melbourne Directory 1911 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7116-1936   Melbourne Directory 1936 (Ramsay)
AU7113C-1860   Melbourne Directory Compendium 1860-1865 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113C-1866   Melbourne Directory Compendium 1866-1870 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113C-1871   Melbourne Directory Compendium 1871-1875 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113C-1876   Melbourne Directory Compendium 1876-1880 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7113C-1896   Melbourne Directory Compendium 1896-1900 (Sands and McDougall)
AU7049   Melbourne Metropolitan Postal District System Street Directory 1936
AU7035   Melbourne Street Directory (Robinson) 1st Edition c.1942
AU7034   Melbourne Street Directory 1920 (Morgan)
AU7034-1942   Melbourne Street Directory 1942 (Morgan)
AU7034-1952   Melbourne Street Directory 1952 (Morgan)
AU7034-1956   Melbourne Street Directory 1956 (Morgan)
AU7119-1929   Melbourne Telephone Directory 1929
AND493   Melbourne: A City of Stories
ARA071   Members Admitted to the Inner Temple 1547-1660
SCPG382   Members of Parliament, Scotland
AU7025   Memoirs of a Stockman
SCPG106   Memoirs of Clan Fingon
SCPG347   Memoirs of John Ker of Kersland
SCPG340   Memoirs of the Families of M'Combie and Thoms
GBC070   Memoirs of Thomas Frost 1925-1910 (limited edition)
SCPG107   Memorabilia Domestica: or Parish Life in the North of Scotland
STR007   Memorabilia Quilts: Fabulous Projects with Keepsakes and Collectibles
SCPG263   Memorials of Angus and the Mearns
ARA421   Memorials of Christchurch-Twynham
IE5058   Memorials of Old Gloucestershire
SCPG426   Memorials of the Clan Shaw
US0235   Memorials of the Dead in Boston
SCPG108   Memorials of the Family of Skene of Skene
ARA213   Memorials of the Parish of Alloa
SCPG302   Memorials of the Scottish Families of Strachan and Wise
ERI001   Memories in Time: Legacy
GAR171   Memories of Accrington
AU5035   Memories of Early Days in South Australia 1837-1845
TBDZ001   Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life
SCB001   Men of Mont St Quentin: Between Victory and Death
SLO030   Men of the Ninth: A History of the Ninth Australian Field Ambulance 1916-1994
AU7014   Men of the Time in Australia: Victorian Series
SNLO09   Merchant Taylors' School Register, London 1562-1874
ARA056   Merchant Taylors' School Register, Middlesex 1871-1900
GB8094   Merchant's Marks
ARA059   Merchiston Castle School Register, Edinburgh, Midlothian 1833-1903
SNA626   Merionethshire 1841 Census
SNA640   Merionethshire 1851 Census
SNA531   Merionethshire 1861 Census
SNA390   Merionethshire 1871 Census
SNA463   Merionethshire 1891 Census
SNA516   Merionethshire 1901 Census
GBC016   Merrindie: A Family's Farm
ARA163   Methodism in Huddersfield, Holmfirth and Denby Dale, Yorkshire
FHP024   Methodist Records for Family Historians
SNMI21   Middlesex 1823 Pigot's Directory
SNA372   Middlesex 1841 Census
SNA509   Middlesex 1851 Census
SNA454   Middlesex 1861 Census
GBC1861MDXV2   Middlesex 1861 Census (version 2)
GBC1861MDX01   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/762-765
GBC1861MDX02   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/766-769
GBC1861MDX03   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/770-772
GBC1861MDX04   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/773-776
GBC1861MDX05   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/777-780
GBC1861MDX06   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/781-784
GBC1861MDX07   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/785-788
GBC1861MDX08   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/789-792
GBC1861MDX09   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/793-796
GBC1861MDX10   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/797-800
GBC1861MDX11   Middlesex 1861 Census RG9/801-802
GBC1871MDX   Middlesex 1871 Census
SNA330   Middlesex 1871 Census
SNA353   Middlesex 1891 Census
SNA405   Middlesex 1901 Census
GB8048   Middlesex Parish Registers: St Mary le Bone and Oxford Chapel, Vere Street
SNMI03   Middlesex Parish Registers: St Mary-le-Bone 1796-1801
GB8053   Middlesex Pedigrees
GB0852-S2   Middlesex Phillimore's Parish Registers (Marriages) Volumes 1-9
GBB024   Migrant Sailing Ships From Hamburg
RSN028   Migrant Ships to Australia and New Zealand 1900 to 1939
PAL002   Migration in Irish History 1607-2007
UTP0441   Migration to New Zealand: A Guide for Family History Researchers
SCPG109   Military Customs
ELB028   Military in British India: Land Forces
HLS012   Millers Point: The Urban Village
AMH033   Milne Bay Radar: Unit History of the No. 37 Radar Station 1942-1945
GB8097   Miscellaneous Grants of Arms
AU9-U01   Miscellaneous publications
ARA383   Miscellaneous Records from the Collegiate Church of Crail, Fifeshire
ARA036   Miscellanies Lancashire and Cheshire Vol. III
AU4069   Missing Friends: Being the Adventures of a Danish Emigrant in Queensland 1871-1880
UTPM003   Modbury Primary School: 1950s Era Reunion Memoir
AU9301   Modern Car Guide 1944: Electrical Parts
MOMS001   Momenta Family Tree Vellum Stickers
WHA007   Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War
GBC1841MON   Monmouthshire 1841 Census
SNA627   Monmouthshire 1841 Census
GBC1841MON01   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/742-743
GBC1841MON02   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/744-746
GBC1841MON03   Monmouthshire 1841 census HO107/747-748
GBC1841MON04   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/749
GBC1841MON05   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/750
GBC1841MON06   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/751
GBC1841MON07   Monmouthshire 1841 Census HO107/752
SNA476   Monmouthshire 1861 Census
SNA434   Monmouthshire 1871 Census
SNA429   Monmouthshire 1891 Census
IE5087   Monmouthshire 1891 Kelly's Directory
SNA633   Monmouthshire 1901 Census
ARA280   Monmouthshire Parish Registers: Caerwent 1568-1812 and Llanfair Discoed 1680-1812
SNA629   Montgomeryshire 1841 Census
SNA641   Montgomeryshire 1851 Census
SNA523   Montgomeryshire 1861 Census
SNA432   Montgomeryshire 1871 Census
SNA465   Montgomeryshire 1891 Census
SNA517   Montgomeryshire 1901 Census
ARA291   Montgomeryshire Parish Registers: Llanymynech 1678-1812
HES087   Moondyne Joe: The Man and the Myth
SCPG157   More Clan Donald Family Records
SCPG336   More Comyn, Cumyn, Cumming Family Records
HES150   More Lonely Graves in Western Australia
BSP004   More Than Bombs and Bandages: Australian Army Nurses at Work in World War I
AU4013   Moreton Bay Settlement or Queensland Before Separation 1770-1859
QFH084   Moreton Bay Supreme Court Records 1857-1859
PEN180   Mother Tongue: The English Language
AU2038   Motor Road Guide Southern New South Wales c1939
AND435   Motor Ships of the Thirties: More Stories of Brisbane Traders
IE5092   Motor Tours in the West Country
AU0017-1928   Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1928
AU0017-1930   Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1930
AU0017-1936   Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1936-37
AU0017C-1   Motor Trade Directory of Australia Compendium 1 1928-1936
AU5047   Motor Vehicle Law in South Australia 1922
QFH085   Mount Cotton Cemeteries, Qld: Monumental Inscriptions and George Bond Photographic Collection
QFH026   Mount Cotton Cemeteries, Queensland: Monumental Inscriptions and George Bond Photographic Collection
AU5030   Mount Gambier 'The Garden of the State': Official Souvenir
AU4035   Mount Morgan Gold Mine 1892
MOXP003   Moxxie 12x12 Double Sided Heritage
MOXP002   Moxxie 12x12 Double Sided Reunion Time
MOXR001   Moxxie Our Roots Rub-ons
MOXS001   Moxxie Our Roots Stickers
IET0048   Mr Tuke's Fund for Assisted Emigration 1882-85
GB8100   Munimenta Heraldica 1484-1984
SCPG264   Munro Family Histories
IET0049   Munster 1893 Guy's Directory
SCPG265   Murray Family Records
IE5060   Murray's Handbook for Travellers to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
GB0699   Murray's Handbook: India, Burma and Ceylon 1933
GB8039   Musgrave's Obituary
AMH004   Muzzle Blast: Six Years of War with the 2/2 Australian Machine Gun Battalion, AIF

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