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English Farming Past and Present Thoresby Society Vol. XXIV: Miscellania (Articles and Transcrips Relating to Leeds) Highways and Byways in Middlesex
English Farming Past and Present
Our Price: AU$35.00 Inc GST
Highways and Byways in Hampshire
Our Price: AU$24.00 Inc GST
New South Wales Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1937 Lang Sons of the Southern Cross: Rebels, Revolutionaries, Anzacs Highways and Byways in the Border
Highways and Byways in the Border
List price AU$24.00 Inc GST
September 2014 Scottish highlight sale AU$19.20 Inc GST
You save AU$4.80!
Tasmania's North East Working Chart (1 metre) Marion Smith Designs 12x12 Garment District Remnants
Working Chart (1 metre)
Our Price: AU$9.94 Inc GST
Loch Ce and its Annals: North Roscommon and the Dioceses of Elphin in Times of Old Family Historian 6 Working Chart (3 metres)
Family Historian 6
Our Price: AU$69.95 Inc GST
Working Chart (3 metres)
Our Price: AU$19.95 Inc GST


This Month's Special!

Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-85

List Price AU$99.50 Inc GST
Special until 31 January 2015 AU$59.50 Inc GST
You save AU$40.00!
Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-85
By far the the most significant collection of biographical information on South Australians in the period 1836-1885. A huge body of information - 6 volumes on a single CD.