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Australian Railwayman
Australian Railwayman: From Cadet Engineer to Railways Commissioner
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In this book Ron gives vivid account of not only his career, but of the camaraderie of the greater railway community often experienced in the most trying of conditions. For almost three decades he was 'on the wallaby', with postings scattered over half the continent, and more often than not, living rough. Ron Fitch gives an account of all this and more, of laying track and the remarkable breed of men who do so, of advances in line-building techniques, of derailments and floods ad washaways, of wrangles over attempts to implement standard gauge, an of the politics of railways.

Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles c1927
Book of Information: Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles c1927
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An excellent guide for those with an interest in early cars. The 'Dodge Brothers Book of Information' was published around the year of 1927 for those who owned a Dodge Brothers vehicle ...
Cobb & Co. in the Golden West
Cobb and Co. in the Golden West
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The Western Australian coaching companies covered immense distances in scarcely explored country. Among them was the Western Australia Cobb and Co. run by Nicholas and Kidman. This collection of reminiscences, reports, timetables, adverts, etc. is heavily illustrated, and is ...
Horses Horses Horses
Horses Horses Horses
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A celebration of the part played by horses in the development of Australian life in the days before tractors, cars and trucks.
Maxwell Instruction Book c1920
Maxwell Instruction Book 10th edition c1920, plus bonus Chrysler poster
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This is the 10th edition of the 'Maxwell Instruction Book' which was published around the year 1920. Published for the purpose of providing Maxwell car owners with detailed information on their vehicle instructions on how to take care of it ...
Modern Car Guide 1944 Electrical Parts
Modern Car Guide 1944: Electrical Parts
Our Price: AU$7.50 Inc GST

Written in 1944, this volume focuses on presenting and explaining the intricacies of the electrical parts and systems of a car. This handbook is an excellent resource for those interested in the workings of cars, or for those who have an interest in early model cars ...
Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1930
Motor Trade Directory of Australia 1930
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This fascinating handbook and directory contains a wealth of information on motor vehicles of the era and the motor trade generally.
Motor Vehicle Law of South Australia 1922
Motor Vehicle Law in South Australia 1922
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This book contains a number of parliamentary Acts concerning the Motor Vehicle Laws of South Australia.
Road Traffic Code South Australia 1936
Road Traffic Code South Australia 1936
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This booklet was created to inform all South Australians of the road traffic and laws and codes in South Australia.
Seasons of Steam: Journey Six Years
Seasons of Steam: A Journey Through Six Short Years
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In 1963 it was stated by the administration of the New South Wales Government  Railways that 1967 would be the last year of steam operation anywhere on the  system. Using ...
Wild Ride: Rise & Fall of Cobb & Co
Wild Ride: The Rise and Fall of Cobb and Co
Our Price: AU$26.95 Inc GST

Written with unprecedented access to these families' letters and diaries, 'Wild Ride' reveals the Cobb & Co story in all its drama, conflict and tragedy. It is the compelling and human story of Australia's first great company and the people who made it an icon.