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A Guide to Military History on the Internet
A Guide to Military History on the Internet: A Comprehensive Introduction for Genealogists and Military Historians
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There are thousands of websites devoted to all aspects of military history from ancient the Battle of Hastings to the modern Gulf. This unique book helps you find the ones that will help with your research. Includes websites relevant for researching British, American, Australian and
Canadian Forces ...
Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire: WA
Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire: Western Australia
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Containing nearly 1500 biographies of soldiers who fought in WWI. A great resource for those interested in the the war and the people who fought in it especially from Western Australia.
Sacred Places: War Memorials in the Australian Landscape
Sacred Places: War Memorials in the Australian Landscape
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'Sacred Places' has won many accolades since it was first published in 1998, including the New South Wales Premier's Prize for Australian History, and 'The  Age' Book of the Year. This ...
Aust Illustrated Encyc of the Boxer Uprising
The Australian Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Boxer Uprising 1899-1901
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The Boxer Uprising broker out in rural China and quickly gained tacit support from some of the Chinese Government who saw the anti-foreign movement as a useful tool to pressure ...
The Encyclopedia of Australia's Battles
The Encyclopedia of Australia's Battles
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The Encyclopedia of Australia's Battles' contains concise descriptions of all the major battles that have taken place in Australia or in which Australians have been involved over more than 200 ...
Understanding Australian Military Speak
Understanding Australian Military Speak
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The task of understanding military records is fraught with the difficulties of grappling with and interpreting among other matters, military speak, acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations. This book fills the need by detailing 6000 abbreviations, initialisms and acronyms found in Australian military records from 1788 to the present day.