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A Catalogue of The Earl Marshal's Papers at Arundel Castle
A Catalogue of The Earl Marshal's Papers at Arundel Castle
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Compiled from the archives at Arundel castle this includes dated and undated civil cases referred to the Earl Marshall, records of correspondence with the College of Arms and much more. ...
Genealogical Guide
A Genealogical Guide
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Written by J.B. Whitmore and published in four volumes by The Harleian Society. This was originally intended to be a supplement to Dr Marshall's 1903 book of the ...
Chronicles of Crime Volumes 1 & 2
Chronicles of Crime Volumes 1 and 2
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Newgate Prison was a prison in London. This CD is a compilation of both volume 1 and 2 of the 'Chronicles of Crime' which is a biographical record of the more notorious criminals confined at Newgate ...
Dougals Index Register c1910
Dougal's Index Register to Next of Kin, Heirs at Law, and cases of Unclaimed Money Advertisements c1910
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'Dougal's Unclaimed Money Register' is a valuable handbook, forming a complete register of property in Chancery. Compiled in 1910 and arranged alphabetically, this book provides information on the names of persons deceased whose Heirs-at-law, Next-of-Kin or legal Personal Representatives have been advertised for. With approx. 100,000 names ...
Flemish Influence in Britain
Flemish Influence in Britain
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The book contains a general history of the Flemish people, as well their industry, art and architecture, culture, and general way of life. It also looks at events in history in which particular people from the Fleming (and Fleming) family were involved.
Merchants Marks
Merchant's Marks
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Merchants used 'marks' from at least as early as the thirteenth century and continued to use them for the next four or five hundred years. In medieval times ...
The Woman's Book
The Woman's Book
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First published in 1911 and republished here fully on searchable CD-ROM is "The Woman's Book: Contains Everything A Woman Ought to Know" ...