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ALL purchases generate credit towards higher discounts
three reward levels

Rewards for regular customers - all purchases accumulate credit towards initial or higher rewards
Discounts for societies - without minimum qualifying purchase levels
Progress to a higher level over time when cumulative purchases qualify

** Archive Digital Books products include: Australasia, identified by product codes starting with AU, NZ, BRA, SCA and EU; also those published by our international Archive CD Books partners identified by products starting with GB (Britain), IE (Ireland), CA (Canada) and US (United States).
  • All purchases from 1 July 2008 contribute towards higher customer status/benefits

  • Any increased status will apply to purchases made after reaching the threshold. (Note: we normally update your status once a quarter. If you believe you have recently moved up to another level contact us and ask us to look at it for you)

  • What products are eligible for customer rewards discount?
    • Most products except complete sets of police and government gazettes, and a small number of other larger sets, which are already heavily discounted
    • All eligible products will show discount pricing when you log in (after registering and reward status is set)

  • How do I qualify for customer rewards?
    • When cumulative purchase totals over time reach qualifying levels. On reaching the qualifying level we will set your account to reflect the discount prices on web site and shopping cart for subsequent orders. You must be registered and logged in for this to show
    • You must always use the same customer code, even if you update your details. We cannot combine totals from different accounts
    • Family & local history societies - start at Bronze level without a minimum qualifying value
    • Customers may check their past online purchases and current orders under "My Account"

  • How do I get discount pricing?
    • When you log in to our web site all qualifying products will show your discounted pricing and will correctly show in your shopping cart
    • When you order by phone or mail - we will apply this when processing your order

  • What purchases count towards my entitlements?
    • All online, phone, mail or email orders directly to Gould Genealogy & History

  • What about other offers?
    • If any other offers are open, then whichever gives the greatest discount will apply