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Brief History of Canberra
Brief History of Canberra 1927
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A history of Canberra the capital city of Australia. Apart from the trials and tribulations of the first European settlers, the publication names early settlers in the area and some have significant biographical information written about them ...
Canberra 1912
Canberra 1912: Plans and Planners of the Australian Capital Competition
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Canberra owes its unique design to events that occurred between 1911-1913, when the federal government opened a competition to design the national capital. This book reveals how the competition became ...
Capital Correspondent: Canberra Letters
Capital Correspondent: The Canberra Letters of Edwin Charles 1936-37
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Sydney, March 1836: Edwin Charles, sixteen, arrives from the country to begin  work at David Jones store. Three months later, he in recruited by the Commonwealth Public Service ...
Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine 1926-1927
Federal Pioneer Magazine (October 1926-August 1927)
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The new series 'Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine' was a refined Canberra Magazine issued monthly from October 1926 to August 1927.
Finding Families: Guide for Genealogists
Finding Families: The Guide to the National Archives of Australia for Genealogists
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Finding Families will guide your way through the vast collection of records  in the care of the National Archives of Australia and tell you how and where discoveries ...
History & Genealogy 2011: Australia & New Zealand
History and Genealogy 2011: Australia and New Zealand
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If you are an individual, society, archive, library, or an organisation interested in either history or genealogy, you will want this annual Unlock the Past publication in your possession. It contains 66 useful and interesting articles, a directory of organisations and product/service suppliers, advertising ...
Mary Cunningham: An Australian Life
Mary Cunningham: An Australian Life
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Born in 1869 in Goulburn, New South Wales, Mary was the second of eight  children born to Edward and Emily Twynam. Mary married James Cunningham in 1889  and they lived ...
On the Back of Two Sheep: A History of George Solomon Webb and his Family
On the Back of Two Sheep: A History of George Solomon Webb and his Family
Private Publication

This is the story of George Solomon Webb, convicted of stealing two sheep in 1816 and banished to the penal colony of New South Wales, and, who, on gaining his freedom settled west of the Murrumbidgee River in the area now known as Tidbinbilla, ACT ...
Rank and Badges in the Australian and American Navy, Army and R.A.A.F.
Rank and Badges in the Australian and American Navy, Army and R.A.A.F.
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Published circa 1943, this book was designed to assist the public to recognise the arms and branches of the Australian, and American services. In full colour, it shows the various 'braid, chevrons, cloth and metal devices' and 'some of the more characteristics badges worn by serving-members'.
Treasures in Australian Government Gazettes
Treasures in Australian Government Gazettes: Government, Police and Education Gazettes
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How often do we think of turning to the gazettes produced by the government to extend what we know about our ancestors? The author illustrates what an incredible treasure the government gazettes, police gazettes and educations gazettes are ...
Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia
Trove: Discover Genealogy Treasure in the National Library of Australia
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The author is constantly surprised by the number of people who don't know or are not aware of, all the genealogy resources available on the National Library of Australia website. While people may be aware of Trove, they are not aware of how to effectively use the various filters to narrow down their searches to maximum advantage. Find out about comments, lists, tagging or correcting text as well as the eResources card.