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Chased by the Sun: Australians in Bomber Command
Chased by the Sun: The Australians in Bomber Command in WWII
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The glow of the sun was frightening and it chased them home... Bill Brill  began losing height to escape the sky growing lighter above and behind him. But  the sun ...
Flak: True Stories from WWII
Flak: True Stories From the Men Who Flew in World War Two
Our Price: AU$24.95 Inc GST

Michael Veitch has had a life-long obsession with the aircraft of the Second  World War and the men that crewed them. Over the years his experience taught him  ...
Heroes Have Wings
Heroes Have Wings: The Stories of Australian Airmed in the Great Air Battles of World War Two
Our Price: AU$28.00 Inc GST

Peter Firkins is a West Australian who volunteered for service in the RAAF during World War II at the age of seventten. He completed a tour of operations on No.
Killer Caldwell: Greatest Fighter Pilot
Killer Caldwell: Australia's Greatest Fighter Pilot
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Clive 'Killer' Caldwell was a natural and brilliant pilot, a superb shot, and  born leader. He saw action against the Germans, Italians and Japanese, and  remains Australia's greatest ...
Luck is No Accident: Flying
Luck is No Accident: Flying in War and Peace 1946-1986
Our Price: AU$30.00 Inc GST

The author learned to fly as a teenager, and here he describes his experiences in both the RAAF and civil aviation. He flew with No. 77 (Fighter) Squadron flying Meteor ...
Milne Bay Radar: No. 37 Radar Station
Milne Bay Radar: Unit History of the No. 37 Radar Station 1942-1945
List Price AU$19.00 Inc GST

The author of this book, Tim Jones, was a member of No. 37 Radar Station and  witnessed many of the events that befell the unit. He carried a camera with ...
RAAF Flying Boats at War
RAAF Flying Boats at War: The Way it Was
Our Price: AU$20.00 Inc GST

Joe Leach was a member of the Militia before the war, but when the European  conflict began, he applied to join the RAAF. Before long he was training as a Wireless ...
Anzac Squadron
The Anzac Squadron: A History of the No. 461 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force 1942-1945
Our Price: AU$33.00 Inc GST

This is the story of No. 461 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, which was  formed in Britain on Anzac Day 1942 and which spent the next three years  ...
Luck of the Draw: Horses, Spitfires
The Luck of the Draw: Horses, Spitfires and Kittyhawks
Our Price: AU$25.00 Inc GST

Ted Sly, the author, is a descendant of long line of colonial families, the  best known being that of explorer and builder, Sir Thomas Mitchell. Although a city boy, Ted ...
To Hell and Back: Aussie Heroes in Bomber Command
To Hell and Back: Aussie Heroes in Bomber Command
Our Price: AU$29.95 Inc GST

This is Laurie Woods' third book about the Australian heroes of Bomber Command. In this one he tells the story of Australian airmen who flew with Bomber Command. He either knew these men personally or had heard of them during the campaign. The stories have been verified ...
Together Up There: Unit History 549 RAF
Together Up There: Unit History of 549 RAF/RAAF Fighter Squadron in Northern Australia During World War II
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The author writes in the Prologue: '... this is the story of 549 Squadron  RAF, which was formed on Queensland on 15 December 1943 and disbanded in September ...
Voices in the Air 1939-45: WWII Airmen
Voices in the Air 1939-1945: Incredible Stories of the World War II Airmen in their Own Words
Our Price: AU$26.95 Inc GST

A unique and enthralling anthology compiled by WWII  flying ace, Laddie Lucas, Voices in the Air tells the story of the air battles  of the Second World War ...
We Find & Destroy: Hist of 458 RAAF
We Find and Destroy: A History of 458 RAAF Squadron
Our Price: AU$40.00 Inc GST

'We Find and Destroy' is the history of 458 RAAF Squadron, that served in  Bomber Command in World War Two, operating Wellington aircraft in Britain and later in ...